Is this how you'll start back after the holiday?

Hi Glen,
Let me ask you a question, Glen.
How are you planning on building your business after the holiday?
Are you just going back to doing the same old routine? Or are you
prepared to take it to BEYOND the next level?
Because you do know if you keep doing the same things you did
last week, last month, and last year... you're going to get the same
results you got last week, last month, last year, don't you?
And no matter how well or badly you're doing, that's not going to
change unless YOU change the way you do things.
Of course, you might be doing fine already... but even if that's the
case, if you were to write the same amount of business with less
effort and in less time. That'd be worth doing, wouldn't it?
Now, tomorrow is the first day after the holidays.
Wouldn't NOW be a great time to resolve to do something different,
something extraordinary? To take up your business building again NOT
the same way you left it... but with renewed enthusiasm and vigor?
Why not make the FIRST act of your new beginning be to grab for
yourself my NEW Social Networking Mastery Video Course
where I can show you how to add someone new to your business
everyday in less than an hour?
You see, over the past three months, I've been secretly working on
a new Video training course that would make everything I've
ever produced OBSOLETE and make it easier than ever before
for anyone to add 1 new person to their business in less than
an hour a day.  In fact, the material covered can make you RICH.
It's called - ""Social Networking Mastery" and it was going to
be released on January 4th, 2010.
But recent events in the social networking world "mandate"
that I release it sooner.  Perhaps "force" would be a better
It's going to be released on September 8th, but if you act FAST,
you can be one of the lucky people to have access to it
at a Special "EARLY BIRD" Price.  But it's ONLY AVAILABLE
to the NEXT 20 people who ORDER or by Monday Night at
MIDNIGHT which ever comes first.
You see, the two biggest social networks, MySpace and
Facebook with total audiences of HALF A BILLION people
are fighting for everyone's attention.  The folks over at MySpace
don't like the fact that Facebook is Number One.
MySpace has made MAJOR UPGRADES and added NEW
FEATURES, like offering you a personal free email address,
in their attempt become Number One in the last 3 weeks.
Facebook is matching them with UPGRADES in other areas
and NEW FEATURES of their own on a daily basis to make
sure they retain their First Place position.
But the BIG WINNER can be YOU, if you're positioned to take
advantage of everything that's NEW.
When I say NEW, I'm talking less than 3 weeks NEW.
Hundreds of people have called, emailed, written, and faxed my
office in the last three days pleading for answers to all the changes
and asking for suggestions on dealing with all the changes.
You can learn all the details by visiting:
I'll be sharing more information about my New "Social Networking
Mastery" Video Training Course that encompasses ALL the RECENT
CHANGES that have taken place, as well as new special videos and
case studies of my most successful students with you in the days
to come. 
If you like to SAVE and want to be RICH, you must have this
NEW information.  Here's your chance to get it at BIG SAVINGS.
"Social Networking Mastery" is destined to become the standard
for which all future training on any topic will be measured.
To learn more go to:
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

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