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Friends -

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks to your hard work, the "Free Our Health Care NOW!" petition ( ) which is your statement that you do not want government run health care, is now the largest health policy petition ever delivered to Congress. More than 1.275 million Americans have joined you in fighting government-run health care.

Sign, Sealed, Delivered. Today is a historic day! On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Pete du Pont, Chairman of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), and Dr. John Goodman, President of the NCPA, along with Mike Gallagher and other Salem Radio hosts Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt will deliver the "Free Our Health Care NOW!" petition to the leaders of Congress. At 1:30 pm the petition will be driven to Capitol Hill in an ambulance; when it arrives, volunteers will stack the petition- 55,000 pages contained in 15 boxes -on a gurney and deliver this incredible expression of America's voices to Congress at a 2:00 pm EDT press conference.

Your Identity is Secure. Some of you have asked if the government will know your email address because of your association with the petition. Please know that we have not and will not release your personal information to any other party, including the government. The petition only provides your first and last name and the state of your residence.

Thank you for your support! In response to our requests, many of you have given to the "Free Our Health Care NOW!" petition. We appreciate it. Please know that your support is crucial to keeping the fight alive! We are now on to the fall debate, Phase II Solutions. If you can afford to give to help us with Phase II, please do so.

Showdown at Capitol Hill. Yours is not the only voice that's trying to be heard on Capitol Hill. In an attempt to regain control of the health care debate, President Obama plans to address a joint session of Congress only hours after the delivery of the "Free Our Health Care NOW!" petition. Call your Congressmen - tell them that yours is the voice that they should remember.

The Fight Continues! Join Freedom Works Foundation for the 9.12 March on Washington: The Tea Party Movement Comes to Capitol Hill! Please join thousands of grassroots Americans from across the country in our nation's capital to tell the politicians the era of big government is over! For more information, see

Britain: Where It's Better to be a Prisoner than a Patient. An examination of Britain's government-run health care system reveals how terrifying nationalized health care can be.

  • This article in the Daily Telegraph explains that the British government's National Health Service has promulgated a policy which wrongly determines some patients as "close to death" and deprives them of the basic care that would otherwise sustain them.
  • Meanwhile, this article in the Daily Mail reveals that British prisoners have a better diet than patients in National Health Service hospitals.

Welcome to Massachusetts, Welcome to Rationed Health Care. As this New York Times article reports, Massachusetts has begun rationing its state-sponsored health care after only three years since the state adopted a government-run health care system. Last week, Governor Deval Patrick announced that 31,000 legal immigrants will no longer receive dental, hospice or skilled-nursing care because of scale-backs.

In response to rationing falling on her constituents, Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said she was worried about immigrants' having to find new primary care doctors at a time when the state is suffering from a shortage of such providers. The question observant Commonwealth residents must be asking now is, "Am I next to see a reduction in benefits, services and care?"

The British and Massachusetts experience: government-run health care leads to higher cost, lower quality, and reduced access. As taxpayers and as patients, Americans simply can't afford government-run health care!

Worried about the cost, quality and access of government-run health care? You should be. The good news is that a growing number of Americans share your concern. If you'd like to find out more about the problems of cost, quality and access, you can here.

There are lots of ways to get involved!

There is also a wealth of other educational and resource material available, including better alternatives to government-run health care:

Health Care Solutions:

Five Steps to a Better Health Care System:

Dr. John Goodman's Blog - Current, up-to date information on the debate:

Heartland Institute's Health Care Solutions:

Thank you again for your support of the "Free Our Health Care NOW!" and for fighting against government-run health care.

Jeanette Nordstrom
National Center for Policy Analysis

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