I won't shut you out from FaceBook Boot Camp and your discount

Hello Glen,
The late-comers have taken control!  
My office phones have been ringing off the hook....... 
My e-mail in box is maxed out...
My assistant Audrey has even asked for a mental health day.....
All because I started promoting my NEW FaceBook Prospecting
Mastery Boot Camp to only a very small portion of my mailing list.
But the news traveled faster than I thought.
People wrote:
    "I've been a loyal subscriber and didn't receive the notice.
     Funds are tight but I need this.  Please let me in your
     FaceBook Boot Camp at the reduced price."
    "There weren't enough funds in my account this weekend
      for me to use my debit card.  Now that the funds are there
      it's not fair for me to have to pay the higher amount."
      "My son's dog disabled my Internet access and I didn't
       see the announcement until the time had expired."
So I'm going to do something I promised my accountant that I wouldn't do.
I'm going to extend this Special Offer until Tuesday at Midnight.
That gives everyone an additional 24 hours.  But there are ONLY 15 seats
remaining at the low price. So register NOW.  My Accountant insists that the
remaining seats be sold at a much higher price. 
During 6 exciting Boot Camp sessions you can discover "How To Use
Facebook To Close 1 or More Sales Each and Every Day in Less Than
an Hour!"
This is a BRAND NEW LIVE Training Series with material I haven't shared
with anyone else before that will give you the 10 Steps to Facebook Mastery.
During 6 LIVE Sessions you will learn:
     The 1 simple strategy you can start using after session 1
      to effortlessly attract new distributors and customers to
      How to attract the highest quality people who are actually
      ready to BUY from YOU.
     How to have a profile that compels new prospects AND
     seasoned network marketers to connect with you and want
     to do business with you.
     The best-kept Top Income Earner Secret you can learn to
     IMMEDIATELY sign up more distributors even if you've NEVER
     made money before in your business.
     The 10 Simple Questions that Qualify every prospect and
     Eliminates rejection.
     The #1 thing you can do on Facebook to have as much business as you want
     and how you can do it daily.
     Exactly which recently added tools on Facebook you can USE IMMEDIATELY
     to generate instant interest in you and your business.
     How to communicate with your FaceBook friends and guarantee they will read 100%
     of your messages every time.
And so much more.  You can learn all about it by visiting:
The Special Pre-Announcement Price, that offers you significant savings
is ONLY GOOD until Midnight.  The price will goes up Wednesday Night when the
formal announcements go out for the full price seats.
I've never had a Boot Camp fill up this fast. 
Don't be left out. Register NOW.
Oh, by the way, Gena's recruiting numbers for July are in and they're
impressive.  Gena added 25 new team members to her business bringing
her total in 3 months to 48.
Let me show you how to duplicate her success on FaceBook.
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Don't forget this Special Deal and Pre-Announcement Price
       is ONLY GOOD for the next 18 hours.
http://www.maxsteingart.com/ facebookbootcamp
P.P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
        Go To :  www.maxsteingart.com/coaching
        and I'll put you in this FaceBook Boot Camp for free

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