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Hey Glen, 

If you're seriously interested in improving your business success,
nothing… and I mean nothing speaks louder than RESULTS!
After only 11 days of Boot Camp 6 participation, Gena wrote:
"Max this is CRAZY!!! -  I have over 300 NEW friends (within 11 days)
I signed up 4 people already. I  have 3 people viewing my Biz today
And I have so many emails to respond back to, I can't keep up.
What's so great is that I can pick and choose who I want to respond
back to first LOL. I'm just getting started.  I know I have ALOT to learn
but I feel like I'm right on the cusp of a huge explosion - WOW"  Gena
Gena went on to add 109 people to her business in the next three months.
If you'd like to duplicate Gena's success you need to duplicate her actions
and register for my Encore Boot Camp now:
Howard, another Boot Camp Alumni reported last week that he's on his way
to earning more money in his business in January than he did all last year. 
And then there's Cheryl:
"This is so much fun.  What a way to meet people and never even leave
your home until you know they are interested in what you have to offer.
My business was at a turtle crawl until I learned about you and how
to social network.  As I recruit from each of the social networks my market
is to infinity through that person's network.  My business is exploding and I
am having so much fun. I feel like the world is at my finger tips now!!!!
And funny enough it is."
Now, I could tell you until I am blue in the face why you should join
this Monday's ENCORE "Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp" because
you can be having the same success as Gena, Howard and Cheryl.
I could point out that by using a Special Coupon Code, ( LIFELINE )
you can get a significant DISCOUNT and save an extra $100

I could go on and on about how you can easily deploy all of my tactics
to recruit a minimum of 1 new person a day into your business… and
actually start seeing results in just a matter of days.
I could assure you that I'll record the first session on Monday, so if
you're traveling over the holiday weekend, you won't miss a thing. 

I could remind you that you don't need a website, an email list, or
anything other than the knowledge I can share with you in order to
create a consistent and never-ending stream of fresh leads for your

Or, I could once again tell you how you will save an absolute fortune by
attending my Encore "Boot Camp" training series… as you will never again
waste your hard earned cash to buy leads, place ads, or spend a dime
on marketing whatsoever!

I could reiterate the fact you can use my strategies to develop a solid
business that spans the globe… without ever leaving home!

And, then I could share with you the fact that once you discover my
time-tested methods you will be able to generate cash on demand… to
cover those unexpected expenses or just to give yourself a little perk. 

And, everyone loves to talk about how my methods eliminate all the fear
and anxiety from your prospecting efforts… as you will only talk to
people who are enthusiastically waiting to talk to you – and even call
you first! 

Like I said… I could go on and on here.

After all, I believe in my heart of hearts that you need to attend my
Encore "Boot Camp" training series.

But frankly, when the dust settles… all that matters is the RESULTS that
my students achieve.

So today, rather than talking about why you should attend this "Boot Camp"
....I just want to share with you more results from actual students.

Result like these from two weeks ago:

"I now have over 1500 friends and am prospecting and building my
business in 4 countries.  But this isn't work.  I've never had so much
fun in my life." 

"Oh my goodness Max! How do I love you? Let me count the ways! I just
met two people that are joining my business... I even signed up a new
rep last week… because of the techniques I've learned from your
courses... thank you so much for always being there.

"Hi Max! I'm in Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp and have learned a
ton from you! I can tell right now it is the BEST money I've ever invested in
my business!" 

"Max, you are the best. I'm going into my second session of Boot Camp
with 177 new friends and 6 new customers thanks to you. Nothing can stop
me from reaching the top. Thanks so very much for all you do." - D.
Miller Toronto, CA
Now here's the best part of all this:

It's only a matter of time until I receive a similar email from you, Glen –
and hear of your results!

Because when you attend my "Boot Camp" training series – you just
can't fail...... it's just that simple. 

While Boot Camp begins on Monday, if you register today, I'll give you
IMMEDIATE access to all of the recordings for the current Boot Camp
so you can begin to add people to your business TONIGHT. 
That means you can jump into the current Boot Camp AND participate in
next weeks Encore too!  Meaning, you'll get 64 hours of my personal
training time spread out during two Boot Camps over the next 4 weeks
instead of the traditional 36 hour Boot Camp .  
If you compare the $7.76 an hour you'll invest over the next 4 weeks to
participate in Boot Camp against what you'll make by bringing 10 people
into your business by Halloween.....the decision is clear.
During this Boot Camp, I'll be revealing my most recent discoveries that
according to the twenty four network marketing heavy hitters I showed it to,
will become required viewing for EVERY network marketer in the business.
It NOT ONLY SOLVES ALL the recent Facebook and MySpace issues I've been
writing about.  It CAPITALIZES ON THEM and gives you an advantage over
everyone else. The process is actually so much fun it's almost addicting.
These networking heavy weights are as excited as I am. In fact, they want everyone
in their business and even all their new recruits to see it.  So I'm doing this ENCORE
Boot Camp to accommodate them and you.
By participating in this Boot Camp, you and everyone in your group can learn the
step by step process that helped Sara go from 0 to 6,000 in six months.
It can do the same for you.  I've made it so simple, that even a cave man
can do it.
If you've ever participated in any of my training's over the years.... this Boot Camp
puts them all to shame.  If you're joining me for the first time, you're going to
love what I've put together.
You can learn all about it by visiting:

Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - ( LIFELINE )
and you'll save an EXTRA $100.  Get DOUBLE the Boot Camp content for $7.76
an hour.

Because you're on my mailing list, you can participate at a much lower
price than others will pay.
Don't be left out. Register NOW.

Warmest Regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :  www.maxsteingart.com/coaching
and I'll put you in this Boot Camp for free

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