The amazing winning secret of a once-struggling network-marketer!

Hi Glen,
If you're like most network marketers I speak to nowadays,
frustrated and tired of being told "no" every time you want to
share your great opportunity, wondering where to turn to now
that your warm market has been exhausted... then this is the
most important and exciting message you could ever read.
But don't be too slow... only 12 more people will benefit from
this message.
Because if you ACT NOW, it doesn't HAVE to be this way,
for YOU...  and, best of all, the keys to UNLEASH A
These secrets have been thirteen years in the making, so it's
no surprise to discover tired and frustrated network marketers just
like you have gone from 0 to AWESOME almost overnight:
  "You made a believer out of me. Watching you pick
someone to contact, having THEM call YOU, and then
hearing your phone conversation with them was
awesome.--- This morning I tried the same thing and
IT WORKED for me too. In the last two hours I've
connected with 8 people and talked to three.

You replaced my fear with the confidence that I can't
fail. I'm going to insist that everyone I bring into
my business takes your Boot Camp. God Bless"

~ J. Webb San Diego, CA
  "Max, You are the best. I'm going into my second
session of Boot Camp with 177 new friends and 6 new
customers thanks to you. Nothing can stop me from
reaching the top. Thanks so very much for all you do.

~~ D. Miller Toronto, CA
Yes, that's 6 customers and 177 contacts after 1 Boot
Camp session.
This could be YOU, Max, because results like this are
the rule NOT the exception.
But you MUST be quick... because I'm shutting down
enrollment after the next 12 people.  Will YOU be fast
enough to beat the rush and be able to say THIS
next week?
 "Max, I made my Boot Camp investment back the first
week with 9 new customers. Other members of my team
want to take your next one. Thanks for everything."

~~ P. Michael Dallas, TX
My top-secret Internet prospecting tips, strategies and
techniques have been bringing easy success to hundreds
of thousands of network marketers for over 13 years... isn't it
YOUR turn to share in that kind of success, too, Max?
The first session of Boot Camp begins tonight at 9:00 PM
and I'll be recording it and all the other sessions in case
you miss one.
Use the Coupon Code ( LIFELINE ) to save $100.  Take the
1 payment option, Type the coupon code, Click on Apply and save.
Ultimately, there will be two types of network
marketers: those who succeed beyond their wildest
dreams... and those who don't.
You can't stop this, Glen... but you CAN choose which
group you want to be in.
So choose NOW!
Warmest regards,

Max Steingart,
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Boot Camp admission is worth ten times the amount I'm

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