the truth is.....well, the truth....xoxox SOS


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"The more you tell the truth and tell it from love and compassion.........the wider peoples' ears are for you and the more trustworthy you become
Houghto them. Just be yourself......anyone that doesn't resonate will fall by the wayside graciously." J.

Hey you.....babies and animals tell the truth.  Emerson (the picture here) always tells me the truth. The truth is that everyone is a potential play mate and he simply shows up as ready to play.....and either you are with him or not.  The perfect way to qualify his friends...........and who he hangs out with.  It's about as honest as you can be.


SOUL Whispers - Sometimes we get afraid to tell the truth because we don't want to hurt another's feelings....and in the long run, the truth always has a way of revealing itself anyhow.  Your choice: sooner or later?


LET GO OF THE OARS:  One of the greatest ways to simplify and get in your 'zone', is to be direct, come from love, have compassion....and tell the truth.  


  IN other words, trust that simply being yourself is not only good enough, it's what people have been waiting for........xoxo  The Sister of Soul





November 4th - Jennifer Live at Toronto Botanical Gardens - The Facts About Swine Flu - and Awakening to your Disease Free Personality

November 10th - SOUL Radio with Jennifer Hough - Finding Peace - Transcending Depression and Anxiety

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Jennifer Hough
Jennifer Hough

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The Vital You

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