an oops, a great swine flu video & did you check out becoming a Professional Health Coach? xoxo SOS


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oooppsssssssssss...for some reason the quote got a little de-formatted in your last SOUL-E-wakening here it is in all it's glory:

"The more you tell the truth and tell it from love and compassion.........the wider peoples' ears are for you and the more trustworthy you become
to them. Just be yourself......anyone that doesn't resonate will fall by the wayside graciously." J.Hough

Hi there Glen ……  Well, as long as I'm emailing you, I also just got this most hilarious video on Swine Flu and the H1N1 Vaccine.....great perspective.  Pass on this email if you like.  Coming next week is more about Swine Flu in the Great Life E-news......practical nutritional and mind/body advice.


…….and take some time to read the message below and see if it assists you or someone you know about becoming a Professional Health Practitioner - I just received 2 very positive emails about going through this training from 2 of my course participants...........I sent it last week as well....this is just a reminder.........


Just connecting because I heard about Hilton Johnson productions...

There information was exciting to me, given everything that is

happening in the economy…and so many looking to find a career that

speaks to their heart.  I know Holistic Health has been a joy for me…..

I love the idea of what they are doing, and how they are doing it.

They are offering people who are looking for a new career in health

and to make a difference on the a Health Coach

Hilton is a true professional........being a nutritionist, I know for

sure if you want to make a difference for another and do something

that is truly fulfilling, this looks like a very good program.  If you are interested

in Health and helping people, this is a great option......check it out below.....

regarding a complimentary teleconference that I think would appeal to you if

you are in the market for a new direction or an enhancement to what you already






ps.  make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming Great Life E-news....coming on

Monday about "The Swine Flu and H1N1 Vaccine - separating truth from fiction"

And a wonderful protocol that I use with my clients to support a healthy winter

and strong immune system.......

From Hilton Johnson Productions and Jennifer Hough………..
We are pleased to inform you that we have arranged for
you to attend a special complimentary HealthCoach Business
teleconference call with Hilton Johnson.  Hilton is the CEO of and

The event will take place on:

Wednesday, October 21st at 2:00 pm ET (New York Time)  

In this 90- minute call, Hilton will demonstrate (with a volunteer)
one of his company’s health coaching models to show you how easily
health coaching gets results. You will also see, on your computer screen, a
unique web-based platform that allows health coaches to manage and
professionally coach hundreds of clients at the same time.

HealthCoaching is the fastest growing niche market of all coaching and
presents multiple opportunities for contributing to some of the proposed
improvements being discussed today in health care reform. Coaches are
also paid very well. They earn an average of over $190 per hour coaching
individual clients and some coaches who are conducting group
coaching sessions are earning far more than that.

During this call, Hilton will explain how you might meet the requirements
for being trained and certified as a HealthCoach and start earning coaching
fees in as little as 90-days.

If you would like to attend this timely and important event, you will need to
be on your telephone and your computer at the same time as this is a
teleconference and webinar presentation.

To register for this teleconference/webinar event, click on the link below
or copy and paste the link into your browser. Be sure and complete the
entire process so you can receive the e-mail conformation and instructions for
calling in to the call and connecting to the webinar portion of the call.  

To your health and success,

The Team at The Vital You




Are you taking Get Out of Your Own Way< /span>?  Maybe you’re too busy or don’t have time or down or anxious or unfocused  to check it out (that’s a clue that maybe it’s time)


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