Training company provides an easy solution for leaders to better train their teams and keep them in the business longer producing more results

Dear Glen,

 More people than ever are becoming distributors in the direct selling industry to get more
money in this down economy. Unfortunately, leaders aren't able to keep up with the training
demands. New people fall out the bottom as fast as they come in. You may have seen this in your own business.

 If so, you're not alone. Distributors everywhere face the same three challenges: recruiting, training and retaining a distributor force.
Industry wide, most people quit the business in 90 days.

People Quit because they Lack Belief and they Lack Skill

 In order for training to be effective, it must be relevant and emotional. That's why emergency
services and the military do live training drills to simulate the actual situation,
so people don't break down during the real thing.

 We at Ri Training have brought simulation training to the direct selling industry.
This approach allows each individual to learn skills and gain belief so they
can achieve success faster and stay with you longer.

 We Can Show you How to Train by Simulation and
Shave 6 Months to a Year off Your Distributors' Learning Curve

 If you would like to improve your leadership skills so you can mentor others along the way,
and your personal stated passion is to teach others to succeed, we invite you to apply to
become a Licensed Field Trainer (LFT).

 By becoming an LFT, you will learn how to use high impact tools and systems to teach others
the pathway to permanent success and transformation in their lives.

 Become the Trainer for Your Team and
Teach them to Succeed Faster!

 Visit to apply and learn more.

 I hope this information is helpful!

Warm regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

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