how much can juiciness can you receive? xoox SOS


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"Is it that we want the Universe to slow life down so that we can catch up, or is it that we want to expand our capacity to receive?  I like plan B." J. Hough

 Well, it was Canadian Thanksgiving this long and lovely weekend, and above is a picture that pretty much represents the drive up to see my parents.  Just gorgeous, and it occured to me......


SOUL Whispers - There was so much beauty everywhere....the leaves were spectacular.....I'll share some more of the pictures with you this week.  I wanted to open my eyes so that I could actually take it all in, but apparently eyes, hearts and minds haven't quite caught up to God's palet instead of asking to slow it down, I simply asked to expand my capacity to receive it all!  


LET GO OF THE OARS:  Today, see how much joy, love and beauty you can possibly take in......why not, it's all around you anyhow!  Hey, and who's "you are just too much" are you going to be today........?

  How much love can one person let in?  I dunno, but I intend to find out!........xoxo  The Sister of Soul



  "Joyful Juicy Relationships that Rock" - intensive workshop for singles and couples looking to experience love in a way they know is possible, people who are ready to have a relationship without drama and connect in a way that goes beyond surviving to thriving.   October 17th and 18th - check it out!


The SOUL Radio show recording for download, or upload -  "Juicy Joyful Relationships" with Jennifer and Joe - it is no simply get to may give you great insight into what's possible for love



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Jennifer Hough

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