Here is the missing piece to success in your business?

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Hi Glen,
All of my students know that there are three components
to success in the online prospecting game. 
One, create a social networking page that will attract
people to you and don't mention a thing about your
Two, identify and connect with the right prospects,
people you immediately know who not only need and
want your products, but who want to make extra income
by telling all of their friends.
Three, say the right things to the right people.
So what's the missing piece to your success?
What's missing for most people can be found in component
number three.
Sometimes you're so busy talking, and to the wrong
people, that you miss the signs that tell you....this
person isn't a prospect.
Sometimes people aren't saying no to your business
they are saying no to you.
Want proof?
Go back and re-read three of your last IM or email
communications with your prospects and you'll see it
for yourself. 
Perhaps you don't see it.  Perhaps you're sabotaging
your success by not sticking to the scripts.  There
are dozens of reasons why you could be missing the
boat, saying the wrong things or not saying the right
things that are keeping you from online success.
And if you're doing it wrong online, then you're probably
doing it wrong when you talk to people every where.
The solution to your problem and the fastest method
to success on any social network is in my new training
Send your online emails and IM conversations to me
and during this special training series, I'll show you what
you're doing wrong.  In fact, I'll help you close 5 of your
prospects or show you why they're NOT prospects.
The clock is ticking…and the seats will fill up fast for this
Special "Advanced Alumni Only" training session and I'm holding a
place for you for the next 48 hours.  But I can't for much longer.
Frankly, I can't wait to have the opportunity to identify what you're
doing wrong and also connect with all of my latest recruiting strategies
....methods that are simply too advanced for my "normal" boot camps
and focus on component number three.  
Once you see all the tricks that I have up my sleeve… you will be
shocked, and amazed.
If you thought that my "normal" boot camps were jam packed with
practical and easy to use methods to build your business fast… you're
not going to want to miss this special "Advanced Closing the Sale" training
But time is short to register, because the first session begins on Monday.
I'll record all the sessions in case you miss any. I have no plans
on doing anything like this for very much longer.  This just might be the
last one I do.
To reserve your spot, simply click on the link below now:
Then, brace yourself for a wild "business boosting" ride… as I
insure that you're saying the right things at the right time to the
right people!
And, don't worry:
As I said, each session and every session will be recorded! So you can easily
re-watch any, and all of the training sessions in the comfort of your
home, at any time… allowing you to master all the material with ease.
So jump onboard… and sign-up today.:
This event will be a LIVE web-based training event, with a
special emphasis on sales language, recruiting and closing one sale a day
...... included will be advanced tactics, such as:
- How To Quadruple Your Recruiting Ratios By Making A Simple
Change In The Way You Think, Talk, And Act... Literally Change THIS
One Thing And The Profits Will Come!
- How to Cash In On the Current Economic Times to Tap Into Millions of
Eager, And Business Savvy Individuals... Who Are Hungry For A Real
Income Opportunity!
- My Newest Niche Marketing Secrets, That Will Allow You To Recruit Droves
Of Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers And Other "Gems"... Just By
Following My New Simple Scripts!
- How to Become a Recruiting Magnet... That Draws Successful People To
You Like Children To Santa!
- A Simple, Yet Surefire Way To Get Highly Qualified Prospects To Ask
You About Your Business... Closing The Deal Has Never Been This Easy!
- And More!
Plus, and this is of major importance...
We will discuss, in precise detail, how to cash-in on the Current Economic
Situation and the simple, yet powerful, adjustments you need to make NOW
to fully exploit it!
AS you can see, I am pretty excited about this live training event.
I strongly urge you to grab up one of these spots for this exclusive
"Alumni Only" training event.
So click on the link below now, and get all the information about this
exciting "Alumni Only" event:
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :
and I'll put you in this Advanced Class for free

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