Do YOU Know The SECRET 'Order of Success'?

Hi Glen,
I bet if I said I knew the BIGGEST obstacle
getting in the way of virtually EVERYONE's
success... you'd want to know more, wouldn't
And if I told you I know EXACTLY how to
eliminate it from your life and business
forever, you'd be straining at the leash to
find out, right?
Word of warning: if you can answer "no" to
either question, then I think the best thing
you can do is stop reading right now and go
get some professional help.
Anyway, the common misconception is that the
natural order to achievement is "Do, Have,
Be"; meaning, we're brought up - have it
hammered into us, actually - that by doing all
the right stuff, we'll come to have all the
things we want, and then at some point be able
to look around us and say "Yes, I've become a
success... I've become what I set out to be".
Sorry, Glen, but that's just NOT how
the world works. Sure, you can probably
achieve some measure of what looks like
success doing this, but you will NOT have
peace of mind (simply because in this way of
thinking, it's almost never clear at what
stage of the "having" means you've "become").
No, the REAL order, the CORRECT order to
achieving all of your wildest dreams (as well
as all of the less wild ones, too) is "Be,
Do, Have".
You must FIRST become the person you want to
BE; and then DO the things the kind of person
you want to be does; and this will as a
natural consequence bring about circumstances
that mean you'll HAVE the things you want.
Be... Do... Have. Burn this order into your
soul and become the person, who does the
things to have what you want.
The really neat thing is... by doing it in
this order... you can NOT fail.
And the BEING and the DOING is what my
Social Networking Mastery 2.0 Boot Camp
is all about: BEING a Prospecting and
Recruiting Master, DOING the prospecting with
the step-by-step strategies that will give you
the tools and the skills to effortlessly tap
into the virtually limitless ocean of starving
And when you DO, the HAVE will follow easily
and naturally - and if you need proof, just
click the link and read the testimonials
BUT - and here is the HARD part: you've got to
BE something. You've got to BE someone who is
successful in your mind BEFORE you do
anything. And it IS hard - because it's much
Much MUCH easier to keep your head down and
muddle along with everyone else, isn't it?
Yeah, I know, I know... same old mantra. But
it's TRUE and it's DEADLY.
BECOME now the person who is successful.
DECIDE to be a success and THEN start the
And as new student, you can do it for 50% off of
what everyone else is doing it for.
That's right, 50% off the registration fee.
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Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
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