If you knew you could not fail...would you do this to get rich?

Would you follow in Howard's footsteps if you knew you could not
fail and it would make you rich?
Two days ago, on Monday, Howard was contacted by a Baptist
Minister who wrote:
     "I am an industrious, creative, busy man who is seeking to buy
      back some of my life and time!  Please, I need to hear what you
      have to say about making money on the Internet.  Let me know
      what you have and let's see how I can become a member of your
      team!  Thanks"   Tim
Howard responded:
     "I'm not in the habit of talking to people about my business until
      I know enough about them to know if there's a fit. I work on the
      Internet with an international company in the health field. My
      business allows me to work at home, travel, and support my
      favorite causes. What do you do?"
On Tuesday, Tim replied:
     "Right now I pastor a small country Baptist church here in Illinois.
      I also am working toward my Doctorate Degree in Ministry.  To
      support these activities and pay the bills, I work part-time driving
      a bulk-mail truck for the Post Office while working part-time as
      a custodian/maintenance person at our City Library.  In the past,
      I have been involved with Amway/Quixtar, Melaleuca, and a couple
      of other multi-level companies.  Came closest to success with
      (pre-Quixtar) Amway."  
On Wednesday, Howard signed Tim up in his business and wrote me:
      "Max, I signed up the Baptist minister today.  He brings hundreds
       of unhappy network marketers that are looking for a new company.
       He also knows many people, that have a real need for my company's
       product.  I had to call the company to get an id for him, so that he
       could sign up 3 people on my website, until he gets his.  You are
       the greatest.. Thanks again.  You have given me the keys to the
       most fun I have ever had in my life."
I'm ready to hand you the same keys I gave Howard if you're willing to take them.
If you'd like to duplicate Howard's Success, duplicate his actions,
take the keys and participate in my "Closing the Sale WITHOUT Rejection"
LIVE video training series that begins on Monday, October 19th. 
Howard's been through this LIVE training series and knows how to
identify and close the best people into his business in the shortest
time possible using my SCRIPTS and list of questions.
( Time with Tim - 48 hours )
In five days, I'm going to begin a LIVE training series where I will
demonstrate my SCRIPTS system that will skyrocket your business to 6
figures and beyond like it's doing for Howard!  
It's also GUARANTEED to ELIMINATE REJECTION from the sales
process every time you talk to someone.  Face to face, on the phone,
or online.
Would you like to:
     Comfortably CONNECT with ANYONE, anywhere, anytime?

Use scripts, language and questions that will INFLUENCE
people to listen to you?

Have casual conversations that turn into sales?

Understand how to REALLY eliminate objections and
rejection and sell more?

DOUBLE or even quadruple your SALES with less effort
than you're expending now?

Know what 12 magic questions to ask EVERYONE you talk to?

Know what to listen for?

Know how to respond to people's comments or questions?

Know the 6 "Must Ask" questions to close every sale.
During this ""Closing the Sale WITHOUT Rejection" LIVE video series, I'll help
you develop your prospecting and closing skills to a level of professionalism
that most never attain, even after years in their business.
You simply CAN'T FAIL when you follow my SCRIPTS system.

Jump on this NOW and let me help you close more sales than you ever
believed possible by Halloween and then on into the holiday season.
I'm extending the EARLY BIRD Discount until midnight tonight.
because of the holiday weekend.  The price goes up on Friday
at 12:01 AM EDT.
If you're tired of being rejected when it comes to talking about your
business; if constant "no's" are getting you down; if you're tired of
hearing "not interested," "you've got to be kidding?" and "perhaps or
maybe".. this LIVE video course will have you Closing like a PRO and
smiling all the way to the bank. 

People I train and coach consistently become top earners.
Following my proven 'Selling by Asking Not Telling' casual conversational
approach made famous during my Internet Training's, many of them attain
six figure incomes within the first 6 months of their training.
Some started with no skills except a desire to succeed and to do
it in a comfortable effective way.

"I used all your scripts and in April I ended up
signing 26 new women alone as new Slumber
Parties business owners!"   Dana B., Annapolis, MD

Attend this ONE TIME ONLY "Closing the Sale Without Rejection" LIVE
series and you will:

DOUBLE your Prospecting and Closing ratios.

Become a MASTER Recruiter, Prospector and Closer
by Halloween

Be in TOTAL CONTROL of any conversation you have
and lead every prospect exactly where you want them to go.

Use these skills to take your business to 6 FIGURES and beyond.


This LIVE Video training series is jam packed with information you'll
IMMEDIATELY apply to your business.

Participation is LIMITED to ONLY 50 people, so REGISTER NOW
and insure your place.  All sessions are recorded and available for
your convenient viewing 24/7.  
You can do what Howard's doing. You simply CAN'T FAIL and these
SCRIPTS will make you rich.
Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  This EARLY BIRD Offer is ONLY GOOD Until Midnight.

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