wouldn't it be easier to skip intentions and go straight to manifesting? xoxo SOS



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What game do you want to play?  The game of 'how can I get life to meet all of my requirements' or the game of 'how can I let go of any and all requirements so that life can bring me what's in my highest'?." J.Hough

Hi there!.....I have recently been asking myself the question "doesn't the Universe know more than my limited brain?".  The answer was a resounding yes!  Okay, so why would I want to be the one intending.......wouldn't I rather let go of the intentions that my limited brain can come up with.....and allow something greater than me, simply deliver it?  I mean, it's a really cool idea to have your greatest desire show up at your front door..... 


SOUL Whispers - What if it didn't matter if you knew what was next for you....what if your job is to show up, take inspired action, shine your light and stay in the present?  What if life's job is to bring you what is in your highest good just because you showed up? 


LET GO OF THE OARS:  It is fun on one level to manifest stuff....and you are so very much more than that.  What about simply expecting a life of miracles and being present enough to see them and live them fully?  It requires action.....engage life and it will engage you.


  You'll know what you wanted, because it's what showed up.  Your higher self doesn't need your brain to intervene.  How do you live that way? Well that's what we teach when we're not writing SOUL's! ........xoxo  The Sister of Soul




November 4th - Jennifer Live at The Rouge Community Centre - The Facts About Swine Flu - and Awakening to your Disease Free Personality

November 10th - SOUL Radio with Jennifer Hough - Finding Peace - Transcending Depression and Anxiety - 9pm EST

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