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"Stay present.......'cause the energy's moving fast. Whenever you are reacting, that's a sure fire sign that you are in the past. Whenever you are overwhelmed, it a sure fire sign you are in the future. Whenever your life is lit up and on fire, it's a sure sign you are in the present!.
Hough" J.

Hey you.....I was thinking, if indeed the Universe 'has your back' at all times, then it must be true that nothing is ever truly wrong.  I must be that we are simply facing the less productive direction sometimes.   I find that seeing the miraculous solutions requires letting go of fear that if I don't do it my way, it won't work out......


SOUL Whispers - A couple of times recently, I've done something that inadvertantly made someone else uncomfortable.  I was in the future worrying about our friendship when I did that.........  Not in the present where this kind of picture could happen.


LET GO OF THE OARS:  It's ok when you act from fear or overwhelm.  Life is so gracious that you still have a thousand opportunities to bring everyting back to the miracle zone......

  Your ship keeps coming in, I promise!........xoxo  The Sister of Soul




Jennifer Hough
Jennifer Hough

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The Vital You

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