I won't shut you out from your Social Networking Mastery 2.0 Boot Camp Discount

The Special PRE LAUNCH Price for my NEW "Social Networking
Mastery 2.0 Boot Camp" filled the camp. It was SOLD OUT last
It seems that a lot of my friends were away this weekend at their
company's big events in California, Arizona, Washington and Utah.
By the time they opened their old email the Boot Camp was SOLD
Well there are some people I can't say no to.  Nor would I want to.
They're coming home filled with excitement and they know that the more
of their people that participate in my next Boot Camp the more successful
it will be for everyone. 
I'm being proactive here, because instead of getting mail from people
begging to participate, I'd rather get mail like the one I received this morning:
   "Max,  I had a wonderful and productive weekend, and
   am signing up 7 people today.  I use your scripts, and
   the answer to my success is that the more you do it
   the better you get.  So anyone hesitating, should jump
   into the pool and get wet."   Howard 
That's why I'm OPENING up this Boot Camp for 20 more people.
If you'd like to duplicate Howard's success, duplicate his actions
and participate in Boot Camp.  I'd sure like to receive a similar email from
you before Thanksgiving!
But you'd better act fast.  These 20 seats will fill fast.
I'll also continue the Special 50% Discount.   
Simply take the 1 Payment Option, type the Coupon Code
( SAVEIN2009  ), Click Apply and you'll secure your place
and save.
Register now and let me help you do more business in the next
two months than you did in the first 10. You'll also learn the secrets
that every Network Marketing Millionaire knows but never talks about.

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :  www.maxsteingart.com/coaching
and I'll put you in this Boot Camp for free

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