about your dreams.....and why you would have one in the first place... xoxo SOS


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"The logical side of the brain doesn't much care for dreams unless they make sense.  What dream that makes your heart sing, ever makes sense?  The miraculous side of your brain is connected to Creation itself ... that's where the dreams come from.  Your unlimited brain could not receive it if it was not possible.  You need the logical side of the brain to do the accounting, banking, paperwork and interviewing...or better yet...to find the people that will do it for you!"  J.Hough



Hey there!  I'm here in England speaking for an event for women called "Millionaire Women's Bootcamp".  At first I was a little put off by the title, because it sounded to "ra ra" if you know what I mean.  Then I thought, well, people are starting to listen more and more to their hearts and less and less to the part of their minds that are put off by titles.  Marketing people still haven't caught up in many cases.  Yay for listening to our hearts.



SOUL Whispers - 

Case in point.  Tonight I met with 3 of the participants in the event, and they are all completely there "on purpose by accident".  They all want to live in the Miracle Zone.  I wonder how many people would have come if they called it "Time to wake up and live your purpose now".  More maybe?  Dunno.  All I know, is that I get the feeling it doesn't matter!  



It really is the energy that you give off, the love you share, the priceless you that you emanate to the world.  Even if you said the goofiest things or acted kinda weird, somehow everyone still gets your magnificence.  That's the built in grace of life and Creation itself..



  Phew.....what a relief that on some level, even when we are at our lowest, our highest still shines through somehow....especially for those that are looking.  I recommend that you be one of the people that looks for the highest in people...why not?xoxo  The Sister of Soul

ps. make sure you read the Great Life E-news today about the Swine Flu...it may help....pass it on






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