what's with all the worry? xoxo SOS


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If you worry about the future, it is simply because the story you made up about the future is one that scares you.  The great news is that the story you made up, is indeed an illusion.  If you are going to make up an illusion, you might as well make up one that feels good....it's just as true." J.  Hough

Hey you.....so many are worrying right now about finances, relationships and what their purpose is here on this wonderful big blue ball.  Worrying takes energy........it serves not you or who/what you are worried about....and it immediately takes you out of the miracle zone of the present moment.


SOUL Whispers - Sometimes is simply better to disengage from worry.....how?  Just disengage.  When you worry, it's because your mind is just looking for something to do.....anything at all.  It feels appeased when it is busy.....it doesn't really question whether what it is doing is productive in the real sense.  


LET GO OF THE OARS:  The only thing worth doing is breathe, make a simple plan and just do something that feels better.  Thank your mind for sharing.......and move some energy anyhow. 


  How do you think I started doing SOUL E-wakenings.  I was worried I wasn't doing enough to spread love....it was either worry, or act!........xoxo  The Sister of Soul




November 4th - Jennifer Live at Toronto Botanical Gardens - The Facts About Swine Flu - and Awakening to your Disease Free Personality

November 10th - SOUL Radio with Jennifer Hough - Finding Peace - Transcending Depression and Anxiety - 9pm EST

Let us know if you would like to register at vitalyouinfo@sympatico.ca and talk to Jeannie!  or 905-640-2303 x21

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Jennifer Hough

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