Christopher Columbus was a Network Marketer...without a coach

Dear Glen,
It was 20 years ago that I was the Success Story of the Year at
the INC 500 Conference.  Today, I'm available to help YOU become
the Success Story of the Year in your company.
And there's no time like the present to get started.
So what does this have to do with Columbus?
Next week,  I'll be racing my boat "Cash Flow" in the Columbus
Day Regatta with eight of my good friends. You can see pictures
of our practice sessions yesterday on my Facebook and MySpace
And next Monday, the banks, post offices and schools will be
closed here in the United States in honor of the man credited
with discovering the new world.
Columbus was a master navigator who had the unique ability to
find his way out on the ocean, which back in 1492 was a very
harrowing proposition. 
People back then never ventured far from land because they were
worried they'd fall off the ends of the Earth.  The horizon was
considered the edge of the World. 
Of course, as we all know from our history books, Columbus was
also able to use his negotiating, sales and people skills to convince
Queen Isabella to let him sail 3 of her ships with the intent of
finding new trade routes and debunking the "flat earth" theory
in the process. 
Columbus successfully expanded his horizons and those of the
rest of the world through an incredible degree of persistence
and overcoming seemingly insurmountable physical and human
And yet, after numerous trips to the New World he discovered,
he died broke, because he didn't have a coach.
517 years later our society and culture have dramatically
evolved, yet we still find ourselves expanding new horizons,
debunking old theories and using our negotiating, sales and
people skills to convince influential people to take a chance on
our ideas, our products and our services.  Some things never
change.  Including the need to have a coach.
How do you fit into all this Glen?  What skills and
abilities do you have in common with Christopher Columbus?
If you're involved in network marketing then you already possess
the sense of adventure, courage and spirit that Columbus had.
If you've been in the industry for more than a year then you
already possess Columbus' persistence and fortitude.
But who's your coach?
If you're willing to learn new skills that will expand your
horizons, then you're already seeing beyond the "flat Earth"
philosophy that so many network marketing leaders still hold.
One of these new skills is the mastery of going online to
meet and close new people into your business.  Today many
of my students are mastering these skills and are using them
as you read this to add more and more people to their rapidly
expanding business.  They find my approach with total
strangers work at the mall too.
They're going after their own Queen Isabellas every single day. 
Finding out what makes them tick and skillfully introducing them
to their respective opportunities.  No pressure, no hard selling,
no arm twisting.  Just straight information to people who are
ready and willing to hear about it.
But there are other challenges network marketers face in addition
to prospecting and recruiting.  And that's what my Personal
"One on One" Coaching services are all about.
I can turn anyone into a Social Networking Master, in only 6
hours, but there's so much more that my personal coaching involves.
You see, there aren't too many people walking around with the
Industry knowledge that I have. And when it comes to the Internet
I have no equal.
Seven years ago, Sara listened to my audio tape and six months
later had 6,000 people in her group by putting into effect one of
my key strategies know only to the top income earners in the business.
Today, Sara's group exceeds 32,000 people and not only does she
thank me for it.  She's brought me in to train her people.
Another one of my coaching clients increased the size of his group by 50%
in seven weeks.  He was recognized two months later at the national
convention as having the fastest growing group in the company.
He also met and married his soul mate as a direct result of our 6 hours
I've been told by many of my coaching clients that I'm as insightful
as Dr. Phil and can help identify precisely what holds a person back from
the success they seek. Once the problem is identified, it's easier
to correct than you think. 
Each month, I'm available to help 20 people set their goals, execute a
plan to attain them, and then exceed their goals.  And I've got 2 openings
in my calendar.  Are you up to discovering a new world of success?
Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart,
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  If you'd like me to personally coach you, go to
        and I'll put you in the Boot Camp that started yesterday
        for free.
        Be sure to listen to the new testimonials of success on
        my Boot Camp page.

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