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 "Are there good foods or bad foods?  As a nutritionist who loves quantum physics, I feel guided to say 'only if you say so'."  J.Hough


Hi there sunshine.  I ate a lot of chocolate today.  Oh ya, a lot.  I know there must be a God, because that stuff is gooooood.  There came a point in my munching that I noticed I was judging the poor innocent molecules of brown stuff and thought to myself 'you really don't deserve this judgment'. Then it hit me.........


SOUL Whispers - 

Interesting how  ice cream, chips, cake, sweet stuff, creamy stuff, rich stuff and all the stuff that tastes yummy, are called "treats".  Ironically  in the same breath, say that we should only have a little.  Why?  Because these so called blessedly delicious foods, are also called "bad for you".  Wow, now there's a catch 22.  Man human beings are weird, aren't we? 


Let Go of the Oars

Fortunately, the idea that food is a 'reward'  and that it can be bad for you, are both invented perspectives.  Food is simply a possible avenue for enjoyment......like nature, exercise, flowers and pets.  Judge it if you will......or just eat and enjoy.  Oh, and the more you give up your judgments in general, the more foods you can eat and still feel great.

  I was going to give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter! xoxoxo The Sister of Soul

Get Out of Your Own Way™

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