how to have infinite energy...seriously....xoxo SOS


Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 

 "Energy is why do we get tired?  Judging and analyzing is strenuous. Wonder how much sleep we need when we give it up?  I don't know, and I intend to find out."  J.Hough


Hey you.....I had a client the end of the day.  Oh, I was tired before I started.  I believed (for a brief moment in time) that when you work 18 hours per day for 4 days in a row with over 50 people that you should be tired.  Silly me.  The coaching connection was so inspiring, I got all my energy back.  In fact, it's 12:22 in the morning right now, even as I share this with you.  Cool hunh?


SOUL Whispers - 

I must say, giving up judgment and analysis takes awareness, and it is so worth it.  I mean do you really care that much about justifying why you're tired, or would you rather figure out how to transcend the whole idea.  I vote for plan B.


Let Go of the Oars

Don't get me wrong, I looooooooove my bed.  And, I value the freedom to choose my bed or being wide awake with nothing in the way of either choice.  Rock and roll.


  When it comes to you, I have all the energy in the world! xoxo  The Sister of Soul

Get Out of Your Own Way™

Next one in February of 2010!  Stay Tuned!


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