very very picky...... xoxo SOS


Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 


Just because something is in the airwaves, doesn't mean you have to tune to that station."  J.Hough

Hi there gorgeous. Well, it's been quite a ride over to London....what a hoot!  The people were incredible and so receptive to the message of Waking Up!....yipppeeeeee.  I was very deliberate about where I 'plugged in' or what I gave energy to.


SOUL Whispers - 

What a good lesson it is to pay attention to what is right....and energize that.  Just because there may be a few things in a relationship, at work or with your finances that are perhaps 'sub-optimal', it does not mean that's the best place to put your energy!  



If you want your life to continue to expand in the 'juiciness' factor, then it's important to expand the things that are working for you by actually taking the time to acknowledge the blessings.  That does not mean that you ignore what isn't working........if it makes sense to do something about it, and it seems like an obvious next step, then do something about it.  Stewing is unproductive, doing is productive.  Hey, if there's no action to take, might as well put all your attention on what is working until there is!



  I count you as one of my blessings today.......xoxo  The Sister of Soul






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