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 "It's your ego that wants to feel like you make life happen.  Once you get tired of that, you'll just let life bring it to you...and rejoice in how blessed you are."  J.Hough


Hey you.....just had a great conversation with someone whose been struggling with "making it happen" through intentions and hard work.  It's been hard.  So instead, we had a coaching session about how she is actually an infinite being, whose ego wants to justify its existence by doing everything herself.  Really, life wants to and is always assisting you........as soon as you resign as general manager of the Universe.


SOUL Whispers - 

Can you give up the idea that your mind ever needed to be involved?  It's so darn limited.   Any fantastic idea that you have, originated from your Higher Self anyhow.....so it was a done deal before you ever had the idea....now all you have to do is live in the present moment so you can see the steps and journey that you need to take to live out that magnificent blossoming dream.


Let Go of the Oars

Oh, and by the way, getting there is over-rated........the journey is far too under-rated.  Rate it higher.


  Have I told you lately that I love you?  That's my inspired action for the day! xoxo  The Sister of Soul



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