life has your answers...and Emerson...... xoxo SOS


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 "Know that life wants to expand in joy, peace and love.  If you stick to the path that expands your own joy peace and love, life joins you.  With the power of life behind you, you are unstoppable.  The key is to stop taking score when the evidence is to the contrary."  J.Hough



Hey you.  Well I'm in Detroit taking a course in media and Joe and Emerson the wonderdog are with me. The wonderful people who are putting us up, have an adorable dog....and it's herrrrrrr house.  Emerson had to be told by this tiny little yorky, that he has to follow the rules....... to have her feel safe and respected.  She has a right to that.  Emerson on the other hand stuck tenaciously to his purity of intent....that everyone is a playmate, that life is meant to be fun, and if everyone just knew me, they'd love me.   He kept trying to play and goof around, and the little yorky kept saying "I don't feel good about that yet" (in growly, barky dog language of course).  Then the magic happened.


SOUL Whispers - 

We did a lot with the dogs together......both dogs were sticking to their stories.  The truth is, we really are all potential playmates for each other, most people are actually innately lovable (after all, if the Universe decided it was a good idea for you to be here, you must be!) the little Yorky, once feeling safe and resonating with Emerson's purity of intent........just started to play.....full an amazing way with Emerson.....and harmony ensued.  Dogs are brilliant aren't they?


Let Go of the Oars

What truth are you tenaciously sticking to, and how's it working for you?   I'm just saying.......


  I am sticking to what I know...that we are unlimited, you and I.  And that we are magnificent children of an all seeing all knowing works for me!!! xoxo  The Sister of Soul


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