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Hi there sunshine.......fall is here for sure in Canada. Check out some beautiful pictures and inspirations from this Thanksgiving with my family.  On a completely other note, there is some worry in the airwaves about the swine flu and so I felt  inspired to give some perspective....perhaps it will give you some peace!  Please pass it along to anyone you know who would benefit.


As Well, below is a wonderful winterizing protocol designed for optimal immunity and energy.  We will help you transcend the scariness and empower you with the real facts.  Just because something is in the airwaves, doesn't mean you have to tune to that station!  All is well......it truly truly is.


With Great love and appreciation .........Jennifer


PS....SOUL Radio show is November 10th on Transcending Anxiety and Depression in a Fast Moving Worldwww.blogtalkradio.com/soulradio - download the recording if you miss it!


Below you will find:

  1. The Swine Flu - separating truth from fiction......and nourishing your mind and body in a way that creates a disease free personality and physiology......  For far more information for you and your family on swine flu, vaccinations, medical advice, and the holistic perspective, simply go here

  2. November 4th (Tomorrow)- Demystifying H1N1 and Creating a Disease Free Personality and Physiology - here are details - Please make sure you attend if you are in the Southern Ontario  Canada Area  (we are recording the event .....and you can get the CD - email us back with 'I want the CD a Disease Resistant Personality' in the subject to vitalyoushipping@sympatico.ca  ).....   Check out the details for November 4th here

  3. Costa Rica upcoming SOUL Adventure - this is an exclusive trip for only 12 people to be with 3 powerful teachers, uplifters and facilitators of awakening. This is an intimate trip for those ready to 'kick it' wide awake!!!......an adventure of a lifetime. If you are interested in more information, email us at thevitalyou@sympatico.ca





You have probably been reading much about the Swine Flu lately....and so many are getting quite stressed about (stress of course, being the number one cause of acute and chronic illness ironically).  I thought I might clarify and myth bust for you so you have another view of the swine flu:

·         Symptoms: heada che, fever, achiness, stiffness, fatigue, chills, stuffiness (uh, yes, just like all flu's)

·         Perspective: Chances of being killed by Weapons of Mass Destruction - 4 million:1 and chances of being killed by Swine Flu - 8 million:1 - You have a greater chance of dying from falling in the bathtub than the Swine Flu -  Every year the regular flu kills 35000 people in the USA, and so far worldwide just under 5000 people have died of Swine Flu

·         You can go to here to some of the facts about the Swine Flu Shot (H1N1 Vaccine Tamiflu)


I just wanted to ease your mind a little.  It's another flu, whose message got carried way out of proportion .....  just breathe. 

So, nobody wants the flu.  Me as well.  First let's all take a breath together........and ask,  what can we do to stay well?


1. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS – Do something to appreciate what you have every day….write a list, journal or just walk in nature.  Get started on your dreams.  So be happy, appreciate life and relax.

2. REST - Get sleep.......being well rested is an essential part of your immune system's health

3.NOURISH -  Eat real food every day......green stuff, good quality meat, 8 glasses of water, and some fruit......(Kale, mango, spinach, grapefruit are all great starts).....take some hemp or flax seed every morning to make sure you are regular........

4. SUPPLEMENT - Here is a suggestion for supplements that may help you to stay calm, focused and certainly assist your immune system according to the research:

  •  take a b-complex - 1 at bkfst and 1 at lunch - they are water soluble & take 4 hours to process thru your body & helps you deal with stress

  • adrenal support – 1 br and 1 lu - is essential to support your energy and stress systems

  • take an immune formula containing A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium (we carry one here at the office that we love) - take 1 each meal

  • Kelp – 1 br and 1 lu for trace minerals and healthy endocrine function

  • If you feel a cold or flu coming, the most important thing is to get rest......and you can take charge right at the beginning by taking 2 Colostrum (our favourite is First Food) every 2 hours, VIR ( a specialized product we love) 2 every 2 hours - if you get some now and put it in your medicine chest, it will save you a few weeks of feeling yuck

  •  D3 deficiency has been linked to immune system problems, colds & flu. The Vitamin D Council recommends, with  average sun exposure, supplementing with 4,000-5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day for adults and 2,000-3,000 IU per day for children.

  • Parties at Holiday time - sugar, alcohol, lack of sleep, and stress are all huge contributors to a body out of balance.....so make sure you bring something that is healthy with you to parties to share, have a smoothie before you go out with Greens Alive in it (cuts sugar cravings) and make sure you catch up on all your sleep.

What we are recommending to our clients to start with….

 So what am I, Jennifer, doing myself to stay strong and healthy during these winter months?  And what am I recommending for my clients if they get the Flu (any kind of Flu) that works effectively? 


Well, because we were inundated with questions about the Flu this season, we  put together the following two Care Packs: 

1) " Prevention" Pack and for those who want to assist their body recover or just be prepared:  

2) "I Got it, Now I Wanna Lose It" Pack


The Prevention Pack If you want to stay healthy and strong all season!


1. B-50 – why?  Because the body during winter months has more stress due to holiday eating, less sunlight… and this combination of B-s we find to be more effective at assisting biology to feel at peace.

2. ADR – why?  Because your adrenals are 2 glands that cope with life….and when life becomes too much, your immune system breaks down.  ADR is a wonderful adrenal support, and most call it their "happy vitamin".

3. Kelp – why?  Because it provides trace minerals that alkalize and it feeds the thyroid which when slowed down during the winter months, affects the speed of all aspects of your body…including your immune system.

4. TIM – why?  It has all of the anti-oxidants in it that your body needs to prevent a cold or flu – A, C, Zinc, E and Selenium.

5. Get sleep – 7 hours per night minimum, be happy and count your blessings, reduce alcohol and sugar consumption, love somebody, eat more green veggies, reduce your dairy consumption (it can form mucus and that is how bugs incubate) and drink at least 1.5 L of water per day.

6. Additional Recommendations - Vitamin D – there are numerous studies showing the benefits to over-all health of this vitamin, which is particularly absent in the winter months for those in the north….because it comes from exposing your skin to sunlight for the most part.  Get out in the natural sunlight......and perhaps purchase some broad spectrum light bulbs for your house!


Regular Price $100.97. Until December 1st,  "Prevention" pack, Special price $89.97!* 

 To get the pack…go here

Prevention Pack + Vitamin D = $99.97*  To get the pack…go here


The "I Got It, Wanna Lose It" Pack – Great to have in your medicine cabinet anytime.


1. Colostrum – Why?  Because it enhances immunity, assists your blood to fight viruses and gives the thymus some umph to deal quickly with the issue

2. VIR – Why? Because it contains Echinacea, A, C and other antioxidants in the correct proportion to boost your immune system, de-stress the body, and assists you body to get rid of the virus.  My clients rave about VIR

3. Liquids and sleep sleep sleep!

4. Additional Recommendations Oil of Oregano – Like Buckley's, it tastes horrible and it works.  It is an anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-fungal….and I apologize for the taste. Put it in Olive Oil, and it will go down better.


Regular Price $75.97. Until December 1, "Got It, Wanna Lose It" Pack, Special price $63.97!*  

To get the pack…go here

  The "Got It, Wanna Lose It" Pack + Oil of Oregano = $123.97*  To get the pack…go here


(Note: We will be including a protocol with each Pack ordered. Following the instructions on this protocol is crucial ...and being consistent is even more important! )  We will also have these packs available at our November 4th Event at the Rouge River Community Centre in Markham!) 


·        All packs do not include GST and shipping charges.  


For way more information on H1N1, Swine Flu, Tamiflu Vaccination, Concerns and doctor recommendations…..please go here

If you are in the Southern Ontario area next week…

 Please come out to our special evening event!

THIS Wednesday, November 4th – 7 - 9 pm

Jennifer Live at The Rouge Community Centre, Markham '

120 Rouge Bank Dr (Intersection 9th & 14th)

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For More - The Facts About H1N1 - Awaken to your Disease Free Personality & Biology

 Register by calling Jeannie at 905-640-2303 x21 or email vitalyouinfo@sympatico.ca

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For those NOT in the Toronto area, don't worry... we will be recording it and it will be available through our store!   Please email Jeannie with "Disease Free Personality recording please!" in the subject line at vitalyouinfo@sympatico.ca .


I truly hope this helps you relax......and smile through this winter season...........

This is quite  an entertaining look at H1N1 – Canadian Style - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIjm9w_-tNY  



is it time to come and see us? -In the meantime, maybe it's time get your body back in balance.  We'd love to do a biochemical assessment of your needs and assist you to create a unique protocol that supports your disease resistant personality.  After all, that's why we're here.  Just give us a call at 905-640-2303 x30 to book something or email vitalyoushipping@sympatico.ca .



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"All I know is that when we remember who we are, it is possible to transcend any issue.  Most long standing issues happen because we are searching for the root cause outside of ourselves."  J.Hough

Hi there good looking.  I am sure all the talk about the Swine Flu has been swirling around your ears too.  For me, the question is not whether I'm going to get it or not......the question is whether I'm going to engage in the stories of its severity or not.  Most would say "don't talk about that, you're giving it energy"!  It depends on what part of it you're giving energy!


One way of dealing with possible issues is to act from fear.  There is a totally different way of acting called "inspired action"....in other words, what action would most soothe you and give you the feeling that you are strong and vital....or more confidence in your body's love for you....or anything else for that matter.  For me, it's just about sleeping, taking care of myself and doing more and more of what I love.......finding ease, isntead of dis-ease.


You know, this coming week I am doing a workshop on MythBusting about Swine Flu.....and creating a Dis-ease Free Personality.  It helps to talk about it.......and to assist others.  What have you been feeling inspired to share with others.........in order to assist?  Love and assistance are a sure fire way to get your immune system up.


   Remember who you are.....on that plain there is only ease....no dissing........xoxo Jennifer


.............Extreme Lover of Life

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