resonate vs. motivate...... xoxo SOS


Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 

"What if we have nothing to "sell" and everything to "offer" others. For the greatest  love and assistance to your family, your friends, clients and colleagues, simply offer and they can come along or not. You're just looking for the people that resonate......and it's ok if they don't!"  J.Hough< /span>

Hey sunshine......great to connect this beautiful day.  The tides are turning in the world of 'getting people to do stuff, or enrolling them in your idea'.  For the longest time it's been about convincing, motivating and cajoling others whether they be family, friends or clients.  Consider that we are evolving to a place where you no longer need (nor did you ever) to do that. How about simply authentically presenting what you have to more....


SOUL Whispers -  

Present powerfully what your heart is calling you to say......and know that those that resonate with it will come along.  We sometimes get attached that those we love should come along....or think that we know what is best for them.  That is for them to figure out, not you. 

Let Go of the Oars -

The world is waiting for you to shine your you can ignite other flames.  So many will be attracted to your light's frequency....and for the rest, there are always other flames!  Know it's perfect.....



  Wonder whose flame you ignited today, without even knowing it.....just because you chose shining over convincing.......xoxo  The Sister of Soul (oh and see below for an offering!  it might resonate!)






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November 10th -

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