that urgent feeling inside that there's something more...... xoxo SOS


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 "The send of urgency you feel inside is real.  It's the feeling of life lining up all the resources for you to fly.  No need to be patient....just enjoy the exhileration of the anticipation.  It's a done deal."  J.Hough


Hey you.  Oh, I know.....I've heard it from so many coaching clients this week, and loved ones for that matter.  It's that feeling of anxiety and anticipation inside that something bigger is coming to you.  Here's a suggestion......instead of getting upset about it, or anxious about it, simply allow it to unfold and enjoy your journey to the max in the meantime.


SOUL Whispers - 

So often we think that we have to make everything happen, or that the feeling of urgency to make your mark in life is something you have to take care of all by yourself.  The feeling is simply confirmation that it's coming......and unfolding perfectly.  It's not your cue to freak out.  Know that the Universe has to line up all the details and the people who you'll be connecting's exciting out here on the leading edge, hunh?  Enjoy the anticipation and the unfolding.


Let Go of the Oars

If life truly does have your back (and it does), then let go of the oars, and let life take you.  It is happening in perfect timing, not your timing.....know that.


  Keep your eyes open for miracles.....oopppsss, I forgot, you are one! xoxo  The Sister of Soul


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