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Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 

 "Sometimes we get irritated when others (the media, your parents, politicians) come from a limited and controlling place.  You have 2 choices: stay irritated or take leadership for another possibility."  J.Hough


Hey you.  Still in Detroit.......and today was fascinating.  We were in a media training course.....and today we had to look at our beliefs about media.  Much of what we all shared was about media being sensationalizing, negative and filled with disturbing news.  Kind of like some relationships where we feel disappointed that people are operating from fear and control.  It's not your job to change the way people think....or the way that media or politicians do their jobs.  However, you do have an opportunity to lead....and leave the door open for another possibility for change and healing.  Can you feel that it's possible?  


SOUL Whispers - 

Media is not an entity....people are the media.  Politicians are not an entity, people are politicians.  Well, if you are a person...and they are people.....then we can each individually, energetically or physically assist the paradigm to change.  You have the capacity to lead.......with very little effort.  Simply by knowing something else is possible, you already have caused a shift.  


Let Go of the Oars

Who and what can you give up being righteous leave the door open for another possibility.  Hey, it beats the alternative!


  I have to admit, I'm being righteous......about your magnificent nature.  I think I'm good with that, though! xoxo  The Sister of Soul


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