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 "Life is not a game to win, it's a dance to experience. (with the music full blast if you like)"  J.Hough


Hi you.  I noticed how much we in North America are trying to get somewhere all the time.  Like it really we'll get a closer seat to God when we die, or like somehow they'll be more stars on our chart.  We made up that there is somewhere to get.  When we operate that way, what happens is that our real life operates in the background anyhow, while we are trying to 'get there' (where ever that is).


SOUL Whispers - 

Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to have goals and dreams.....and they certainly take us on incredible journeys.  In the end, however, is the point of having the goals to accomplish them?  Or is the point of having dreams/goals, the incredible journey that happens as a result?


Let Go of the Oars

You do make a difference in the world.....simply by following the call of your heart.  The closer you get to your hearts call, the more it sings to you.  The feeling of your heart singing means that you are in resonance with life.  Maybe that's only 'there' worth getting to.

  Hey, is there something you can do right right now....that would make your heart sing just a little more?   xoxoxo The Sister of Soul

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