I give! It's none of my bees wax! ...xoxo SOS


Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 

"Unlimited energy happens when you give up control ... transcend the paradigm of time and attachment ....and remember that the HOW is none of your bees wax! Your job is to take inspired action and enjoy the unfolding miracles."  J. Hough

Hey you......now why would we do a silly thing like try to figure out how everything is going to get done at this time of year.  Sometimes life just get so packed full of possible things to do that I just say "I give".  Then I do it all anyhow!  What I find out, that when I drop the drama of it all, it's fun to be busy.  I realize that I just get to be around more people I love.....why would I mess with that vibe? Voila...instant energy!


SOUL Whispers Why do we get tired?  Because we try to follow all the rules, live up to norms, 'should' all over ourselves.  Fatigue is Creation's way of saying "hey, we didn't make any of that up, you did.....doncha remember that the purpose of life is joy?" 


Let Go of the OarsOh sure, I say no to some stuff....and mostly I do it all.  It's really quite amazing to find out that it's possible to have more energy while doing more......and how much gets accomplished miraculously in a joyful way when we resign as General Manager of the Universe.


  There already is a General Manager of the Universe and he/she/it wants his/her/its job back!    xoxoxo The Sister of Soul

©December 2009 - Jennifer Hough


December 23rd - William Linville Live with Jennifer Hough on SOUL Radio

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Jan 24th - The Love Expanding Relationship Course with Joe and Jennifer

Email Jeannie for more information at vitalyouinfo@sympatico.ca !  a 1 day intensive that will change your view of relationships and open you up to ease and flow in every way.  Here is all the information about this event!



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Jennifer Hough

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