finding flow and ease.....xoxo SOS


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"Flow and ease do not come and go with circumstances.....they are a way of being." J. Hough

Hey Glen ...... I was at the Toronto Airport today...and security had been tripled......and I was in a line for 3 hours and missed my flight to Costa Rica.  All around me was incredible upset and anger.  I was catching that bug a little.  I started to engage the upset of others.  Then I remembered, that I was given the capacity to choose to remember that I am a magnificent child of a magical Universe......


SOUL Whispers - I did not change my thoughts....although my thoughts effortlessly changed.  They changed because I disengaged from the drama a few hours later.  Was it easy?  Well, I had a couple of wonderful friends to speak to (thank you) who assisted me to remember the truth of who we are.  It took some inspired action.......and I couldn't imagine living any other way.


Let Go of the Oars - Being righteous is one way of being..........and dancing with what life presents is another way of being.  I say "cha cha cha".


  Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow (is there a song?) xoxoxo The Sister of Soul

ps.  did you see my hilarious Joyful Juicy Relationship Video to Joe (my co-facilitator sweetie pie)....very funny.  He is out of country right now, and I decided to do a little something to cause a giggle

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