Want home-based profits? Then this is a must

SharingProfitStrategies.com's Home Business Report
- Thursday, May 01, 2008
Publisher: Glen Brink
Want Home-Based Profits? Then This Is A Must

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
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I'm one of those relatively rare folks who has become
a multi-millionaire working at home. Lots of things
have contributed to this successful result -- great
products, strict dedication, a knack for marketing
and promotion. But these days there is one thing
above all others that is keeping the ball rolling, and
that is website interactivity, the ability of my online
customers to talk to me and me to talk to them.
It's absolutely crucial.

So, Who's Minding Your Website Right Now?

The Internet prides itself on being 'cutting edge',
the absolute latest word in business and technology.
Is it?

Ask yourself this question: who's minding your
website for you RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Anyone?
Or, more likely, NO one?

The crazy notion exists that while people insist
upon getting superior customer service offline,
they'll put up with little or no customer service
online. That's loco.

If you went into a store today and wanted some
help that didn't materialize, you'd no doubt have
a few choice words for that establishment's way
of doing 'business.'

But right now, think what visitors to your website
have to go through to get your attention. They
arrive at your website. No one greets them. No
one answers questions. No one makes offers.
No one helps with the order, etc. Instead, all
you offer is a 'contact us' link with the lame
promise that you'll get back to this all-important
customer 'as soon as possible.'

That's just not good enough, and this customer
'disservice' is costing you money (not to mention
years of repeat business) every single day.

Is this what you want?

Worldprofit, Inc. To The Rescue

One smart company, Worldprofit, Inc., which
itself started as a home-based business back
in 1993, offers you what you need to provide
the superior customer service your online
customers demand.

What Worldprofit has done falls into two
ultra-smart categories. First, they've developed
several modestly priced interactive tools which
enable the vital reciprocal conversations to
take place between you the proprietor and
your site visitors. This solves that problem.

Even better, Worldprofit has created an
amazing tool (they call it the LIVE Business Center)
which enables you to work your site traffic
personally when you want and, when you need
a break, to have live personnel (called Monitors)
work those visitors when you can't do so -- all
at the touch of a button. Now your site traffic
can get handled 24/7 even while you're walking
the dog or taking a nap. End result: you finally
profit from the fact that the Internet is an all-day
international environment.

Get Interactivity Today. Profit Today. It's
As Simple As That.

To get started, go to


and get a Free Membership.

Check out Worldprofit's interactive options, the
LIVE Business Center and the Monitors.

Interactivity changes everything! See for yourself.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the
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selling business development and marketing books,
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