Knock, Knock. Who's There? Nobody -- And That's The Problem!

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- Friday, May 09, 2008
Publisher: Glen Brink
Knock, Knock. Who's There? Nobody -- And That's The Problem!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Knock, knock jokes are supposed to be funny, but this
time the joke's on you. What's worse, if you don't take
action to solve this problem, you'll soon find yourself
burying your online dreams forever. You won't find
that even remotely funny.

So, You've Got An Online Business. Who's Minding The
Store Right Now?

Say you went into a retail store right now. You'd like
to be greeted by an appropriate employee. You'd like
to get your questions answered in a friendly, competent
way. You'd like assistance as and when you needed it.

So, if this is what you like and expect when YOU go
shopping, why are you making it so incredibly difficult
to do business with you online?

Consider your website situation. Say that a customer drops
in right now. Do they get greeted? Is there anyone there to
help them by answering questions? Any assistance for
placing an order?

You know there isn't. ALL you offer is a 'contact us'
link and the lame promise you'll respond 'as soon as

Yet you SAY you want to do business online!

People Rightly Expect Superior Customer Service
Online And Off

I've been making money online now since 1994. During
this time I've watched hundreds of thousands of businesses
fail because of a basic misunderstanding of what it takes
to do business successfully on the Internet.

When your customers expect to be greeted at your
website, you can't profit by ignoring them.

When your customers have questions, you can't
profit by asking them to fill out a form and letting
them know you'll respond 'as soon as possible.'

When your customers need reassurance, they
aren't going to buy from a belated email message.

Now re-read the above words again and again until
you understand how your business must be conducted
online to prosper.

Interactivity Is The Key. You Need It Yesterday!

The solution to this problem is to make your website
interactive so that customers can talk to you and so that
you can talk to your customers. Where do you get
interactivity? I suggest you check out a highly innnovative
company called Worldprofit, Inc.

They have done two of the most exciting things to
solve your neglect of your customers.

First, they have developed a line of modestly priced
interactive products.

Second, they have gone even further. Worldprofit has
created what they call the Live Business Center. Here
24 hours a day trained consultants called Monitors answer
ALL visitor questions LIVE! You add the Live Business
Center to your website. When you are available and wish
to talk to and assist people coming to your website, you
click a button so you can. While you're not available to
assist your customers, click the button and the live Monitors
will work with all your traffic until you'd like to do so again.
This way you get amazing 24-hour coverage, and your
visitors get the essential LIVE assistance they expect and

Amazing! Simple! Brilliant! Effective!

Now, thanks to what smart companies like Worldprofit, Inc.
are doing, your static, conventional website can become a
live store enabling you to do business internationally all day,
every day.

To get started, go to

You'll get a Free Membership which entitles you to log
in, see all the interactive options and get immediate live
assistance from real people who are there to help 24
hours a day.

Resource Box

A good place to look for affordable interactive options
is Worldprofit. This well-known company offers a Free
Membership. Use it to review your options and,
because they're interactive, talk to real people about
what works best for you. Start at

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
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