THIS Is The Essential Piece Your Online Business Has Been Lacking.

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- Monday, May 12, 2008
Publisher: Glen Brink
THIS Is The Essential Piece Your Online Business Has Been Lacking.
WOW, This Changes Everything!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
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Can you tell from the title that I'm about to offer you some VERY
exciting news? It's true. Right here is the information you've been
waiting for, the information that'll turn your online business into a consistent
money maker.

The Problem: It's Killing Millions Of Folks Trying To Do Business

Right now, if you're like millions of folks worldwide trying to use
the 'net to make money consistently, you've got a conventional website.
That is, you have a site without the means to talk to any of your
customers. This is KILLING your sales and profits.


Well, think for a minute of the last time you went into a store.
With any luck an employee appeared to ask you what you
wanted and to offer assistance. This employee then stepped back
to let you look (hovering's not a good thing)... and made him or
herself available as and when you wished.

Now think about things at your website.

You've posted your products and services to best advantage.

But when a visitor arrives, you have absolutely NO way
to greet this person, let him know you're there to help,
answer questions -- and place the order.

Instead, all you're offering is a form that says 'Contact
us' and the promise that you'll respond 'as soon as possible.'
When you translate this paltry customer service into today's
retail environment, you instantly see it's ludicrously

Customers need help -- on or off the 'net.

Common Sense Dictates Better Customer Service

The crazy notion has grown up over the years that somehow
selling on the 'net is 'different' than selling off the 'net.
It's not. The plain truth is that if you want to make a
sale online, you need to focus on prompt, reliable, and
courteous LIVE customer service.

The key to this service is interactivity: having a site
so equipped that you can talk to your customers and your
customers can talk to you.

Is this the way you're doing business online now? Probably
not. Which is why lightbulbs are probably going on in your
head right this minute. If you want to make a sale and build
a relationship you MUST be able to TALK TO your

One Revolutionary Company Has Taken This Basic
Notion A Huge Step Forward

The Web is a 24-hour-a-day proposition. It's also universal.
You can use it, and therefore buy things, everywhere
on earth. This is it's great advantage. Problem is this
could wear you out. Unlike the Web, you need R & R.

That's where a brilliant innovation from well-known
'net company comes in. They
have created what they call the LIVE Business Center.
It's manned 24 hours a day by trained monitors who
provide live help, customer service, and visitor consultation.

When you want to talk to the visitors on your site
yourself, you click a switch to connect to them. When you
go off duty, you click the same switch and the monitors
now talk to all your visitors for you, until you're ready
to man your site again.

This is nothing sort of revolutionary and enables you
to offer LIVE online customer assistance 24 hours a day!
This changes EVERYTHING, and finally enables you to
offer the quality of customer service people expect
online as well as off and make money all day, every day.

Don't Wait. Your Conventional Site Isn't Cutting It.
Interactivity Is Required! Make This The Day You Start
Profiting From It.

Every time I tell someone about the need for interactivity
on their website, they 'get' it. After all, we're all
familiar with the customer service delivered by superior
retail establishments. You've probably sensed that your
website was missing something. Now you know what it
is! Don't wait another minute to add it to your site.

Resource Box

A good place to look for affordable interactive options
is Worldprofit. This well-known company offers a Free
Membership. Use it to review your options and,
because they're interactive, talk to real people about
what works best for you. Start at

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
known marketers on earth. Dr. Lant's free online webcasts
draw people worldwide who want to profit on the Internet
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