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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s Home Business Report
- Thursday, May 08, 2008
Publisher: Glen Brink

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend Dr. Jeffrey Lant's next
LIVE webcast.

If you're not familiar with Dr. Lant, you should be.
He's the Harvard-educated author of 16 of the best
known marketing and business development books
ever written. He's appeared on hundreds of radio
and television programs worldwide and his articles
have been read by millions.

Since 1994, Dr. Lant has concentrated on helping
entrepreneurs, small and home businesses and
organizations of every kind succeed online. A self-
made Internet MULTI-millionaire himself, he now
dedicates his time to helping people like you
prosper online, especially if you have never made
a dime on the 'net.

The more you've floundered online, the more you
need to attend this astonishing free program. Here's
just some of what you'll learn:

* start profiting online TODAY whatever
your level of expertise

* have trained professionals close online
business for you 24/7. You will NEVER work
online alone again!

* get a FREE banner exchange ($1000
retail value) that'll deliver traffic to your website
for life. Yes, FREE!

* get and develop your own domain and
turn it into a million dollar emporium. The 'net is
the future of marketing. Know how to get your
share, even if you don't have products of
your own!

* put crucial interactivity to work for
you every day. YES, profit by talking to
all your visitors.

There's much more in this free program.
If you have never heard Dr. Lant speak you'll soon
see why he's called one of the most captivating
speakers of his generation. He's clear, focused,
knowledgeable. Thanks to Dr. Lant you'll finally
understand how the Internet works and how you'll
profit from it -- NOW!

You also get awesome details on how to

* grow your site traffic by giving away
unlimited free advertising

* profit online working as little
as 1-2 hours per day at home

* grow your lists for maximum profits

* use 9 magic words to profit online every day. YES,
if you can say these 9 words you can make money
online every single day. Amazing!

* get a FREE video with step-by-step details
on how to make at least $100,000 online in the
next 365 days.

Just for attending this important live webcast --
and, remember, it's FREE -- Dr. Lant will give you Lifetime
Website Advertising FREE, your gift for coming. Use
it to promote anything you want FREE!

The program is just 30 minutes long, and will
start you on the road to immediate online success.

For all dates and times and to reserve your FREE PLACE
and be placed on the VIP List for the next webcast, go to

Don't wait. You can log in now and reserve your FREE
PLACE. While you're there, watch Dr. Lant's popular 'Make
Money Online NOW!' video. After you've logged in, click on
the GREEN 'WATCH VIDEO' button. Thousands have
watched this crucial video presentation. Now you can, too!

NO ONE online has trained more people in how
to make money on the 'net. Don't miss this opportunity
to get the crucial details you need from an expert
who commands speaking fees in the tens of thousands
of dollars but is here to help you FREE. Sign up now!

Resource Box

A good place to look for affordable interactive options
is Worldprofit. This well-known company offers a Free
Membership. Use it to review your options and,
because they're interactive, talk to real people about
what works best for you. Start at

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
known marketers on earth. Dr. Lant's free online webcasts
draw people worldwide who want to profit on the Internet
every day. If that's your objective, go to and attend today's
program as Dr. Lant's guest.

Glen Brink - President & Worldprofit Dealer


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