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In our first 3 1/2 weeks, over 1,600 subscribers joined
5DollarMoneyBomb! Why? Because it just makes sense!
-- Pay just $15 One Time per year
-- Learn how to market using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Free
Classified Sites and Legal Bulk Email
-- Get $20 of FREE MONEY when you fund your NetSpend card (US Only)
-- EARN Unlimited $5 payments!
-- EARN $20 referral fees from NetSpend! (Must qualify)
-- EARN up to $220 per subscriber from our ZNZ Bonus Money Bombs! (US only).
-- Explode your income with Unlimited Width ... Unlimited Depth ...
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So if it costs you $15 per year and you can get $20 of FREE money from
your NetSpend card, what does it cost you for your first year?

Answer: NOTHING!
You actually MAKE MONEY by becoming a subscriber!

(except during holidays - please check the Calendar in your back office).

It's been said network marketing is nothing more than an adult game of
follow the leader. Watch what the top leaders do and duplicate in
order to duplicate their success.

What do most top leaders have in common? They attend every
Opportunity Call and Training Call they possibly can.


Because the energy of the team keeps them charged up.
Because they want to demonstrate leadership
to their downline who they know will do what they see their
upline doing. Because they know staying plugged in will help them
maintain their focus ... and focus is the key to success.

Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday, at 5pm PST, 6pm MTN, 7pm CEN,
8pm EST for our LIVE conference call by calling 712-432-0075 ext.

Please invite your guests and join the call a couple minutes early as
we start our calls on time. :)

LIVE training calls (members only) every Saturday (except during holidays)

We look forward to helping you EXPLODE your income in 2012 and BEYOND!


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