Important 5DollarMoneyBomb Update

Money Bomb Update
In about 3 1/2 weeks, over 1,600 subscribers have joined!  Why?  Because it just makes sense!

-- Pay just $15 One Time per year
-- Learn how to market using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Free Classified Sites and Legal Bulk Email
-- Get $20 of FREE MONEY when you fund your NetSpend card (US Only)
-- EARN Unlimited $5 payments!
-- EARN $20 referral fees from NetSpend! (Must qualify)
-- EARN up to $220 per subscriber from our ZNZ Bonus Money Bombs!
-- Explode your income with Unlimited Width ... Unlimited Depth ... and Unlimited LEVERAGE!

So if it costs you $15 per year and you can get $20 of FREE money from your NetSpend card, what does it cost you for your first year?

Answer:  NOTHING!  You actually MAKE MONEY by becoming a subscriber!

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