FREE NetSpend MasterCard!

NetSpend MasterCard!
Because of 5 Dollar Money Bomb,
I received a new MasterCard in the mail,
drove down to Wal-Mart gas station,
loaded $40 on my card,

(which I got in the mail from 5DMB)
drove home, checked my balance
and had $60.00 cash on my card!
Cost me only 1 dollar and 96 cents
to load card at Wal-Mart, by the way.
The MasterCard is free, you get $20 free,
everyone whom you refer gets $20 free,
and you get another $20 for each referral!

There is nothing to lose by trying to help others!

You may NOT know this!
Many of you do because you were there too!
Many Member Associates have been with me
10,15,20 years and some a bit longer!

Neither bragging nor complaining, just explaining!
When PayPal first started as,

I was one of the very first customers in the world.
We got $15 per referral and earned a fortune.

Peter Thiel was one of the owners then,
billion dollar hedge fund entreprenuer today,
personal rocket travel into space business,
and founder of Thiel Fellowship program, etc.
Called me personally with PayPal IPO.

I did buy the stock and subsequently sold it.
Peter subsequently sold PayPal to e-Bay.
My point is, this MasterCard offer is real,
been there, done this, twice before.

The second time was with Steve Case, philanthropist,
founder of AOL, with Revolution Money Exchange,
which gave $25 per customer, subsequently sold to
American Express and is now

This new company wants to compete with PayPal
and many others who are in the online payments space.

They even have an iphone and android app and
they are willing to pay up front for new customers.

He who has a thing to sell,
and goes and whispers in a well,
is not as apt to get the dollars,
as he who climbs a tree and hollers!
Rick Mathews

Founder of The WealthSystem(TM)
The Success System That Never Fails
Desire + Study + Action = SUCCESS

Have you caught the idea as to why Rick
is excited about this. basically he has been there
twice before and made good money each time,

Now the down side to all this is ONLY US Residents
can obtain the Net Spend Card. If you live outside of the US,

Then you will have the reffrral ID of the owner put into your back office.

Here is what I suggest Get with one of your American friends
and get their Refferal ID. Make sure it is someone coded to you.

That way you can help them earn extra money, and maybe they will share with you.

Even so In the new year we will show you how to explode your Money Bomb income into over $2 million regarless of where you live.

I have just written this advert,
If you like it fee free to use it.

Right Now - The Best Business Opportunity For Americans

Hello Fellow Marketer,

I am not going to waste your time with a lot of hype.

Right Now if you live in the USA you are sitting on a potential fortune.

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Marketing something that most Americans use every day.

For those living outside of the USA you can still make a great

Income introducing your American contacts to this product.

And the great news is that it is F.R.E.E. For US members.

Go here and get all the information.

Watch the video and get involved. You will be Glad you did.

For folks living outside of the USA you can also participate

And help your US customers, Check it out Now.

Kind Regards
Bryan Hedges

Change the URL to your own.

Ok That's it for now I wish you all a very happy
and prosperous New Year,

Kind Regards
Glen Brink
PO Box 620639
Littleton, CO 80162
Phone 1-303-442-6460
Skype: glenbrink
Helping People to Succeed Online.

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