Cut Your Safelist Mailing AND Reading Time In HALF!

Warning: This software may take away all your
excuses for failing while using safelists.


I know that safelists can be a real drag at times.
If you have heard it once I am sure that you have
heard this a thousand times "the money is in the list".

Did you know safelist can work the same as your own list?

Well let the SL Genie help you save time:
- Organize all your safelist accounts;
- Grab and read credit emails;
- Send your Credit Mails with just one click;
- Track safelist performance;
- Submit banners and text ads;
- Keep track Of your credits, referrals, cash, next mailing time;
- Build your downlines!
- All within the software!


Kind Regards,

Glen Brink

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