meet the creator of 100% residual commissions

Aaron Rashkin is a badass… (really)
The internet is full of personalities… 
…that are a bit on the fringe.
Like a wild, ex ‘van man‘ who
somehow manages to sponsor
hundreds of people with strange,
shirtless videos… 

See this:
Or a broke, recovering alchoholic
construction worker who somehow
found a ‘loophole’ that allows him
to get 50% lead conversions on
capture pages… 

Watch this:
Here’s the fascinating personality
of the week, though… 
…it’s a guy - who every time I’ve
heard his name, it’s associated with
the word ‘badass’. 

Inner Circle Members Can Learn The Secrets.
*  There’s also a conference replay on that page,
which I believe can change your life.  Listen here:
** Yes, those are actually Aaron Rashkin’s abs.
When I first met this guy - someone introduced
me to him - and said: 
“Dave, have you met this guy?  He’s a badass!”
Later, I was talking on the phone with my pal
David Schwind – somehow the same ‘mystery
guy’ came up… 
…Dave Schwind said:
“Yeah, that guy’s a badass, isn’t he?”
Again, later – I was in a hallway…
(This was an event out in Las Vegas)
One of the speakers said:
Yeah, I visit that guy’s site every day – he’s
my new mentor, and I have one word to say
that describes him… and it’s: 
What makes Aaron Rashkin such a
badass?  Well, there’s a few steps,
and you’ll be able to find out just
a few of the secrets… 
….Step ONE:
Listen to this conference replay.
….Step TWO:
Get in:
….Step Three: 
Login to the Inner Circle HERE:
You’ll find, it’s not just the wash board
abs – the fact that he’s the #1 producer
in the largest ‘top tier’ business in the
world, or just earned an extra $19,000
without even trying… 
…there’s a bit of ‘mystery’ that you’re
about to understand… 
…when you read this:
In the Members area – just click on
‘Inner Circle’ and you can listen to
the interview there… 
-Dave Wood
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