What is Awakening anyhow? & something just for you xoxo SOS


Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together! 

"Awakening can be triggered by a profound boredom with the story we've been telling ourselves about how limited we are as a result of our past. Awakening can be triggered by a sense of urgency or an internal calling to live out our purpose, even if we are not clear what that is.  What is Awakening?  It is the act of engaging your innate cellular knowing that you are infinite and in the cosmic flow, thereby necessarily disengaging everything that is anything less than that." J. Hough

Hi there you!  Just connecting this Friday on SOUL Mail to let you know what's coming up, and pass along a recording that we think will make a difference to you.  Please listen, and we would love your feedback via email about the audio.  With much love and light, Jennifer & team!

    Cellular Embodiment of Your Unlimited Self for 2010

 TONIGHT! Friday January 15th...7pm in the Evening ( if you are in the Toronto area...)


What is the shift?  What is awakening?  How can we experience the ease, flow and expansion of our purpose now?  Why is 2010 different?  Will life get easier?  How can we tap into that?

Jennifer will take you through 3 profound exercises that will have you experience the answers first hand. 

She will work with several people as a channel, and we will all be tapping in together to a whole new paradigm of expansion....if it's time, we'd love to see you. 

 For details about tonights get together: Cellular Embodiment of Your Unlimited Self for 2010 at Toronto Botanical Gardens....



Jan 25th - A-special-recording-for-you-from-Jennifer....read on.... Quantum Wake Up Calls for 2010 - Jennifer did her first Quantum Wake UP Call for 2010 on Thursday, and it was truly awakening.  As a special*gift to you, we are offering this first Audio Recording totally free*of*charge to SOUL friends...........  You will:

Learn about how to have life deliver your dreams, how to transcend needing to intend, letting go of the ego and finally, what it means to truly embody the flow .   It is powerful.......we hope you enjoy.  Here is the recording from Jennifer to you.

To find out more about how to join the Global Quantum Wake Up Calls...what they are, who is a part of it, where we're all headed, what is the leading edge of consciousness, how to dance with all of life, finding more connection.....in fact, all of the topics for the QWA's are right here......please visit this.....it is the program we do that leads the way!


  Jan 24th - The Love Expanding Relationship Intensive with Joe and Jennifer - and our free-to-you download Divine Compliment Audio -  A 1 day intensive that will change your view of relationships and open you up to ease and flow in every way.  Here is all the information about this event!



Become a Fan:  We are doing the 12 Days of Kiss-Much live and interactive on F-a-c-e Book as we speak....come join!  xoxoox jennifer

Jennifer Hough

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