Health Care Update - Call to Action!

Dear Policy Patriots -

The fight for the health care you deserve continues and together we're playing a crucial part. Thanks to you, Congress has received more than 465,000 letters and almost 10,000 phone calls declaring your opposition to government-run health care.

Health Care Report: Remember three words: IT AIN'T OVER. Consider the following:

Possibility #1: Democrats Lose Senate Supermajority. On January 19, Massachusetts will hold a special election to fill the late Senator Kennedy's vacant seat. According to Rasmussen Reports, Republican candidate Scott Brown is gaining ground and Public Policy Polling reports that Brown has taken a one-point lead. Should Brown win, Democrats would lose the crucial 60th vote necessary to pass health care.

Possibility #2: Democrats Lose Senate Majority Leader. A recent exposé, Game Change, reports that Senate majority leader Harry Reid referred to Barack Obama as a "light-skinned" black man "with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." The political blowback has been intense and Harry Reid may be forced from his leadership position as a result. Such a loss could topple the unity which House and Senate Democrats cobbled together in late 2009.

Possibility #3: Democrats Lose Congressional Consensus. Democrats exiled C-SPAN from the health care deliberations, so Capitol Hill has become something of a smoke-free backroom. Nevertheless, as negotiations continue, Democratic consensus could unravel:

  • Internal Dissention. As George Will explained, he doubted that health care would pass, citing that Democrats still disagreed over how to finance health care. Senate Democrats prefer a tax on Cadillac plans; House Democrats instead call for a surtax on the rich.
  • External Pressure. State lawmakers loathe the cost of health care legislation. California Governor Schwarzenegger warned in his State of the State that health care legislation would be ruinous and called on California congressional representatives to vote no.

The Narrowest of Margins. Dissention and pressure threaten to fracture Democratic unity. As you know, health care passed the House 220-215 and the Senate 60-39. If just one Senate vote changes or a couple of House votes flip, health care legislation would be up-ended.

292 Days & Counting. As the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase demonstrate, Congressional leaders will apparently stop at nothing to pass health care legislation. If the wayward ways of Reid and Pelosi continue, the American public may soon be saddled with the costs and risks of so-called health care reform. But don't despair: Election Day - November 2 -is just 292 days away.

Damned If They Do... In the coming weeks, Democrats on Capitol Hill will either pass health care legislation or they won't. If they fail to pass legislation, lawmakers will return to the drawing board to craft new legislation. Even if they succeed, November elections may result in a mandate to overhaul ObamaCare.

The NCPA Plan. In either case, policymakers will need a sound health care plan and the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has a Health Plan for America that is affordable, workable and fair - a plan that legislators on both sides of the aisle can support and that Americans will want. You can read the entire plan, but consider just the first tenet:

  • Congress should establish equality under the law. Every Medicare enrollee, Medicaid enrollee and taxpayer should receive the same treatment.

Under the NCPA plan, Congress would not buy votes or hand out tickets to the pork-barrel buffet. Every American and every state deserves the same treatment under the law.

It's Urgent: Your Dollars Can Make the Difference! This is critical. The dream of the NCPA Health Plan for America can become a reality, but we need your support to continue this battle. Give what you can - even $10 or $25 - to support our ongoing effort to stop the government takeover of health care. The NCPA is funded entirely by people like you. We do not accept any government funding.

Donate today online or send a check to:

National Center for Policy Analysis
P.O. Box 650098
Dallas, Texas 75265-0098

Fight Back: Keep Pressure on Congress. Health care is the defining policy debate of this legislative session. It's important for you to take part in this great debate. Fortunately for you, voicing your views could not be easier. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Action Army website
  • Enter your personal information and click TAKE ACTION!
  • You can write a letter or make a phone call. Either is easy and both are important.

Thank you for your continued support of the NCPA. Together, we can win the fight for health care that is affordable, workable and fair.

Warm regards,

Jeanette Nordstrom
National Center for Policy Analysis

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