Valuable website longevity!

Valuable website longevity!

Once you have created a website or social site account, you should leave it online forever, even if it is not making you any money right now.
If the site involves no work, you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Your Home Income Portal sites are Live and online, each with unique content and getting established to mature for Search Engines to index them.

Each of your Portal Websites are sitemapped with each sitemap submitted to all Major Seach Engines.

This principle is illustrated over and over again in amazing ways during the past ten years. And this is the reason that it is the single most important element in your online business financial success.

Since your Content Websites are Live Online, anything can happen to instantly attract interest and the search engines begin to view it as an important content site and your page rank will begin to soar.

This is not some theory, but it is happening day after day with Home Income Portal content site all over the world.

Of course you can help it along by helping The Search Engines crawl it quicker through creating backlinks from other websites linking to you, and increasing the page rank for your Home Income Portals. See Article Submission Section and the Add Link Section.

Thousands of owners are realizing true financial success from their Home Income Portal through this type of marketing tactics, by leveraging the speed and the volatility of the internet. Every change, every movement is happening in nanoseconds, and the internet is Live and Open for business 24/7, 365 days Worldwide.

Even if your Home Income Portal is receiving no traffic, the site will eventually get crawled by a few of the major search engines, and that will result in a handful of visitors each day. This is where most newbies make their mistakes, they simply get frustrated and quit.

So keep your content site online and a few visitors will manage to find it, however when Google suddenly decided that your content site was far more valuable than it had previously thought, Google can decide that instead of listing your site way down the rankings for one or two low-level keywords, it would index the site at the top of the rankings (quite literally in first place in many instances) for numerous high-level keywords .

Your Content Site will go from receiving a few visitors a day from Google to receiving swarms of visitors per day. On the busiest day the week, Google can slam your content site with swarms of visitors. Then other Search Engines will perk up and begin crawling your content site and keywords. The more your content site is picked up by the search engines, the broader your reach will be.

Even if you are dropped by Google, other Search Engines will continue monetizing your Content Site. It can also create a Typhoon Effect, since you are at the top or nearly at the Top in other search engines for several high level keywords, Google can actually return and reassert your content site at the Top of their Rankings.

Of course, this is great news and your content site will already be generating considerably more profit than it has ever done but just look at how you would have missed out if you had taken the site offline.

It is just a simple case of Google changing their algorithm in a way that favours your content site considerably. This is one of those situations which could happen to any content website at any time and this is the main reason why you must keep your content site online, simply leave it there and in time it will be slammed with traffic and income.

Clearly there is no Guarantee that your content site is going to stay at the top of Google for any length of time and given the experience of how search engines work, be prepared for it to drop back down the index at any time but enjoy the traffic and the income while it lasts and look for the Typhoon Effect.

Your roster of Content Sites is Huge and with the number of content sites spanning independent data centers and domains Worldwide, you simply must know that your sales are on the way.

Glen Brink



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