$1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks :) - read all about it!

$1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks :) - read all about it!
I just this email from my friend and Internet co-worker Dave Wood. It will explain
everything. Just read it…….
—-Fwd Email—–
I don’t really know what to say right now.
A minute ago, I happened to be logged
in to the back office down at Empower
…and I refreshed the screen:

Now I didn’t know how much money
we had paid out to the people until
that moment…
…and I went into a minute of pure suspense.
I called my partner David Sharpe – and I
“Dave, Dave – login man, we’ve almost
paid people a MILLION dollars in 3
He said – “no way”
So Dave logged in…
…we refreshed the screen.
…so we refreshed it again.
You won’t believe what we saw…
…so I’ll just show you:

$1,000,221.20 paid OUT to the people…
Just decide to take action.
I can’t tell you the way I feel right now.
Because we just pulled off a million
dollar launch…
…in 3 weeks.
This launch was different, though.
Because this launch wasn’t about
the Gurus – it was about empowering
the people.
This launch didn’t put $1,000,221.20
into my pocket…
…this launch put $1,000,221.20 into
YOUR pocket.
No Gurus participated.
This was ALL the people.
The nobodies – who have now
became somebody – because the
had a dream, and never, ever quit.
Congratulations Empower Network.
In 3 1/2 short weeks…
…you and I have changed history.
If you’re in the Empower Network,
I just wanted to tell you how grateful
I am.
You guys have made my dream a
We’ve struggled.
We’ve had legal issues.
I’ve been in a hotel for 3 weeks straight,
and haven’t seen my wife almost at
We’ve had merchant issues.
We’ve had international issues.
Yet you and I have overcame them all.
You’ve done it.
What will we do in the next 3 weeks?
Join Here.
Here’s a list of people I could not have
done this without (note, that I can’t list
all 8,324 members of the Empower
First – my wife Ashley. This lady was
there with me since the beginning.
She believed in me when I was no one.
Because of her, I became someone.
Thank you Ashley.
I love you.
Second, Dave Sharpe – without your
conversions genius, there’s no way
we would have a sales video that
gets 25% of everyone who opts
in to buy something…
…you are a genius man – and youw
were there with me, not sleeping for
weeks on end, dumping every bit of
money you had along with myself
to make this work.
I appreciate you dude – but it’s just
the beginning.
Finally, our programmer – I’m not
going to mention you by name – but
I know you’ll see this bro.
Without you, we would be another
fatality of technology not keeping
up with the people – you rock bro
I’d give you a hug – but you think that’s
Most importantly – these are the MOST
important people in The Empower Network…
See it now:
Join them HERE.
Here is a list of all of the people who
have made MORE than $5,000 in 3 1/2
Lawrence Tam – $44,900
Toby and Layla – $34,450
Nick Bramble – $26,525
Jon Mroz – $13,825
Barbie Zabel – $13,450
Tracey Walker – $13,325 (happy birthday)
Robert Fore – $11,475
Beau Bridgewater – $10,725
Alex Zubarev – $10,325
Bryan Addison – $10,300
Carol Douthitt – $9,450
Kris Darty – $9,000
Kelly Williams – $8,950
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin – $8,925
Clay Montgomery – $8,750
Adam Whiting & Mike Hobbs – $8,400
Cynthia (the Social Cowgirl) $7,300
Franco Gonzalez – $7,250
Sam Levitz – $7,025
Jordan Schultz – $6,675
Ed from Ohio – $6,450
Jessica Darty – $6,425
Jaime Soriano – $6,375
Chris Rocheleau – $5,925
Charles Marshall – $5,750
Catherine Alexandra – $5,600
The MLM Brothers – $5,600
Bob Anderson – $5,100
When have you ever seen that many
people make $5,000 in 3 weeks?
For me:
Until now.
We have now proved something,
beyond a doubt…
…that it is the average man and woman
- not the Guru, who holds the most
important place online.
It is always about the people.
YOU are the people.
YOU are the Empower Network.
You did it.
Or did you?
See it now:
Join them HERE.
-David Wood
EN Co-Founder

About The Author: davidsharpe
David Sharpe comes from a past life of struggle and defeat. From fighting the battles and horrors of addiction and alcoholism, he came to a point where there was no where left to go ...except up. He made a decision in early 2008 to change. Everything. And he did. Four years later, he's stayed clean and sober, fought to get his family back and has experienced personal transformation is ways words can't explain. He found the marketing industry (or the industry found him) and after months of struggle, and almost quitting more times than you can count, he made it. It's possible. And anyone can do it. But it takes heart. And David has heart. He literally went from 'Park benches to Park Ave' through the power of marketing influence. You can, too. Join us.

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