Why the Internet is a home business dream IF you follow 3 key steps

SharingProfitStrategies.com's Home Business Report
- Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Publisher: Glen Brink
Why the Internet is a home business dream IF you follow 3 key steps

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
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The advent and development of the Internet has set millions of
people worldwide dreaming -- dreaming that they might be able
to stay home and profit and thereby escape many of the
drawbacks of today's business rat race.

The problem is: these people are generally clueless on what
it takes to achieve their objective. Hence this article, straight
talk on what it takes to profit online, advice you can follow
now to avoid online failure and maximize home-based business

Step 1: The Absolute Necessity For Your Own Domain

It is 100% clear now who profits online: people with their
own domains, that is people who understand that the
'net is a domain-driven environment.

Look at the Internet companies that are household





What distinguishes these powerhouses?

These companies ALL have domains. That is, they
own a piece of Internet real estate that's identified
and differentiated by their own URL, www.domainname.com

The Internet is a domain-driven environment. To succeed
you have to own your own piece of the 'net, and you
must be committed to developing it to the maximum extent.
Without a domain you own nothing online and have no
place to develop for the long term. In other words, you're

Step 2: Don't Think Small

Every multi-billion company started small, with one
product or at one location, often at home. What
distinguishes the folks who became multi-millionaires
from the also-rans is that the successful people were
committed to growth, development and maximum profits.
The Internet is perfect for this, tailor-made for those
who want these benefits and still want to work at home.

Say you develop a terrific product. By all means
create a website to sell it. Then from Day 1 start
brainstorming all the related products that people
interested in what you're selling would also want.
Contact the suppliers of these products; add what
they've got to what you've got. Then brainstorm
some more as you contact still other suppliers
for the related products they can add to the mix.

Soon you've got a website featuring hundreds of
products, each a revenue stream, all being sold
from your increasingly valuable domain.

Take a look at every successful business person
on earth. They either develop or acquire the
rights to any given product, then grow their empires
by developing or acquiring still more products.
What's great about this system of endless growth
is that there is NO reason you cannot do this at
home, online. However, it's essential you have the
vision that necessarily precedes this growth.

Step 3: Talk To Your Customers

Take a look at the average website, and you
see the reason why so many home-based and
other entrepreneurs fail online: the site is nothing
more than a one-dimensional 'bill board' presenting
information, with visitors given nothing more helpful
than a 'contact us' link for customer service. This is
ridiculous and sends a bad message to customers,
that you're less than interested in assisting them.
Come and buy by all means, but don't expect us
to assist you.'

When you go into a regular offline retail store,
you EXPECT customer service, and you punish
those establishments which don't provide it. The
same is true online.

Businesses, home-based or otherwise, which
are going to profit online are those which
provide maximum customer service, including
the ability for unlimited interactive communication
between customers and visitors. This communication
enables you to greet all visitors, find out what they're
looking for, answer their queries, make special
offers, close deals, etc. In other words, it enables
you to simultaneously assist the customer and
grow your business!

Now take a look at your current website or
any other sites you've visited lately. Are
they simply posting information... or are they
able to communicate with their customers
and provide these crucial visitors with the
same superb customer service they expect
offline? How you answer this question on
your website will absolutely determine your
online future.


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