Now you can be a video entrepreneur. Get this video and find out how.

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- Tuesday, April 29, 2008
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Now you can be a video entrepreneur. Get this video and find out how.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I've got something very important to share with
you. Something that will enable you to cash in on
the most important new development online -- video.

Do you use talk in your business? Of course
you do. You talk to your prospects, customers,
you do training, you hold consultations, you
do any number of things in short that involve
you talking to people to do business.

So does every other business person in the
entire world. That's what makes what I'm about
to tell you so huge!

Now You Can Profit Every Time Any Business
In The World Talks To Its Prospects & Customers

Consider the case of an author with a new
book on, say, losing weight. This author
obviously wants to reach just as many people
as possible with his message. Video enables
him to do just that.

He may want to

* do live webcasts
* record webcasts for later use
* talk live to people one-on-one or in small groups.

How can he do all this? With video!

Where can he get these video services? FROM YOU!

Now thanks to one of the best-known Internet companies
on earth -- -- you can provide video
services to

* anyone who wants to do free or paid seminars or
* people who need to provide any kind of training
* people who want to record information about
their products and services and make it available
worldwide 24/7
* anyone who needs to hold meetings with between
1-150 prospects and customers. Sets You Up As A Money-Making
Video Entrepreneur

You may ask, how can I be a video entrepreneur
and cash in on the exploding multi-billion dollar
video market? does everything to
ensure your success.

First, sets you up with your own
Professional Seminal Rental System. This System
comes with 10 licenses for you to sell. You get to
sell them for whatever you want. You keep 100%
of the money you make and can acquire more
licenses whenever you need them. works directly with you at all
times. handles all the technical and
maintenance issues. trains you
how to sell the video. even
writes articles like these you can use to generate
prospects. does it all -- but your
customers never know it. It's your business!

It's easy to use and to sell's
cutting-edge Professional Seminar Rental System.
Here are just a few reasons why:

* Unlike most online video, participants never
have to download software or dial into a phone
number to access online meetings. This is huge!
* Participants need no special equipment to
see programs.
* With a PayPal account, they can charge
participants whatever they like to attend meetings.

You determine how long you rent the licenses
for to your customers -- a day, week, month,
quarter, or year. It's up to you! Remember,
whenever you rent the licenses you keep 100%
of the rental income!!!

Request Your Free Professional Seminar Rental
System Video Now

In due course every single business and
organization online is going to have video.
Video just makes too much sense to go without.
This is a multi-billion dollar development,
and your chance to make huge profits while
relying on to handle all
the technical work and maintenance.

To learn more, request a detailed free video.
Just register here.

Glen Brink, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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