Article Review - Hot news for part-timers

I've known Dr Jeffrey Lant thru out my business career.
For the last three years I've worked with him
proving these ideas for profiting on the Internet.
I was in profit right from the the first month.
Now I enjoy my fun and easy Internet business!
Hot News. Important information if you can only
work part-time.

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide
who want to make part-time income online working
from home? You know how good that sounds — and
how hard it’s been for you to get. Well, listen up,
one of the Internet’s best known companies – — has solved your problem
forever. Yes, just five minutes from now you
can be on your way to GUARANTEED online income,
thanks to one of smartest ideas online.

Meet George Kosch, Your Best Friend Online

The major reason you’ve failed to profit online
consistently, dependably is because you’ve never
been trained to do so. Think of all the education
you’ve had in your life. That’s what’s enabled
you to move ahead.

Now think of all the education you’ve never
had online, not even one single minute’s
training devoted to profiting online, much
less profiting online part-time working from
home. It’s a scandal.

George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at and himself a self-made Internet
multi-millionaire, decided to find out just
how much actual professional training is available
to folks like you and me who want to profit online.
His findings were dismal: he found literally NO
professional training dedicated to what we need
to achieve: Internet income from home, full- or part-time.

This hardly surprised George who has been profitably
online since 1994 and has watched people worldwide
fail miserably because they just didn’t know what
to do. However, George didn’t just complain; he
acted. As the inventor of a line of low-cost, easy-to-
use, no-software-to-download video services, he
already had the means to deliver cutting-edge

Now he created an incredible curriculum
for making money online. He called his unique
professional program the Millionaire Bootcamp and
in short order the first 1000 people worldwide
enrolled. (At any given time, over 1000 are always

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Profit Online.
You Will, Too — Guaranteed!

The focus of the Millionaire Bootcamp is helping
you make money online, specifically helping you
make at least $100,000 a year online. Towards this
end, Chief Instructor George Kosch delivers twice
weekly live online presentations. The focus is
making sure you understand precisely how to make
money online, even working part-time from home.

The presentations are amazing. I know, I faithfully
attend them. What’s more, every presentation is
recorded, so you can access it 24/7, wherever
you are in the world. All you need is an Internet

The Millionaire Bootcamp succeeds, however, not
merely because the presentations are excellent.
Instead, it’s because this is a hands-on workshop,
not just a series of lectures. You learn exactly
what to do; then under George Kosch’s expert
supervision, you go out and implement what you’ve
learned, to the point where you start profiting
while you are still in the Millionaire Bootcamp.

That’s right: you not only learn what to do,
you learn how to do it! What’s more, George Kosch
monitors your progress and pro-actively intervenes
to expedite your graduation. Graduation is
important because 100% of Millionaire Bootcamp
graduates profit online — and you will, too,
guaranteed by George Kosch and

Respond Now & You Can Get Into The Millionaire
Bootcamp Free ($599.95 Value)

What would you pay for a professional course
delivering guaranteed online success? Whatever
you said, this is your lucky day. I’m authorized
by George Kosch to GIVE you a free place in the
Millionaire Bootcamp ($599.95 value). The only
catch is that you must take advantage of this
special offer today.

To do so, just register here:

In just 5 MINUTES from now, you can be in the
Millionaire Bootcamp, on your way to guaranteed
online income, even if you can only work online
part-time from home.

I’m looking forward to working with you now.

Glen Brink, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant
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