10 K for Christmas

Hey this is Glen Brink your prospective sponsor. Here are the two programs I'm doing with a small one-time fee and a $10k payday by Christmas!

1: http://www.10k4christmas.com/?user=info $35 once kwik 2x2 cycle the 2x2 once get placed in the $10k FORCED 3x5 Matrix and get paid on all five levels you don't have to wait til you cycle the entire matrix to get paid. It's new not yet hit the public as you can see i get to all the programs during pre-launch to get positioned in early for best income results.

2: http://www.endlessinco.me/index.php?spon=400 $29 once real kwik 2x1 cycle the 2x1 get placed in the $10k Forced 3x7 Matrix and this one launches on November 1 and they have a company wide rotator where every paid member gets their link shown every time the main site is clicked and I have tested to see that it works you can test it too.


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