Creating Offers That SELL!

WARNING: The information in this article could
help you make tens, even HUNDREDS of thousands
of dollars. Print this! Read this! Live this… and

Let’s start from the very beginning… you’re in
business to make MONEY. Why say this? Because
millions of people are so busy working, they’ve
lost the purpose of the endeavor: to get rich.
When you remember, and focus on the fact,
that business is supposed to be a constant money
maker, you understand why THE OFFER is so
important. Offers deliver the bucks.
“Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak.”
We all know this old-time marketing expression.
Problem is, most people either don’t know what
it means, or haven’t learned how to use it.
Consider: steak is… dead animal meat. Gross.
On the other hand, think about the sizzle: warm,
inviting, the enticement to something delicious,
nutritious, satisfying.
Which would you rather have? And, more to the
point, which is easier to sell?
The ENTIRE purpose of the offer is to get
folks, your prospects, to stop in their tracks,
focus on what YOU have… and buy it. The
better you get at making offers… the more
money you make. It’s as simple and all-
important as that!
Creating Offers That Sell
The MINUTE you’re in business is the MINUTE
it’s time to concentrate on the offer. Here are
key steps to follow.
1) Start reading lots of offers. There isn’t a
day that goes by that I don’t read offers from
print media, the Internet, and on television. You
should too.
2) Become an inveterate offer collector. There’s
no need to re-invent the wheel when, in our capitalist,
market-driven culture, superb offers are everywhere.
3) Make sure the great offers you find are
easily accessible. Don’t bury them. These are
treasures to be scrutinized, studied — and used.
Brainstorm Offers Constantly
Remember, the key to motivating people to
act NOW is the offer.
And the key to the offer is giving enhanced
limited time value, like two for the price of one,
Look at your current marketing tools: business
cards, brochures, newsletters, all ads, etc. Where
have you placed the offer? Do you even have an
Now hear this: EVERYTHING you intend your
customers to see MUST contain an offer, with
absolutely NO exceptions.
Marketing ONLY works when it is based on
offers. And offers ONLY work when you say
to your customer, “Look at all I’ve got for you
IF you act by (date).
Start Using Offers Today
Don’t wait another minute to turn yours into
a magnificent, cash-generating offer MACHINE.
* Start rewriting all marketing materials until
they’re motivating muscle.
* Include offers with everything you mail — or
* Place your offers prominently… on the
envelop, at the top of the page, in an attention-
grabbing postscript.
Do this and watch your sales soar. And don’t
forget: when you deliver the goods and services
these offers have generated… include yet ANOTHER
offer thereby adding to your profits. You’re a hot-shot
marketer now… and that means you NEVER stop
creating and using offers!


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