Add 6 Figures & Re-ignite the Passion For Your Business

Hey there Glen, it's Max here with something I think you
might be interested in.

My friends Dave Dee & Alexis Martin Neely recently conducted
a live teleclasss where they shared their "5 Step Formula
to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR & Re-Ignite
Your Passion While You Do It."

Although you missed the call, they agreed to let my friends
listen to a recording of it. You can learn more about the
call and get the recording by going to:

Dave & Alexis help business owners like you -- who've
learned how to consistently generate revenue from their
core business -- leverage your business systems, processes,
and intellectual properties into a 6 figure (or more)
sideline profit center.

They'll teach you how create new revenue streams by
packaging your knowledge, experience, and the way you do
things and offering these resources to non-competitors in
your industry.

On the 75-minute recording, you'll discover:

* The exact five part blueprint you can use immediately to
generate a huge cash flow surge into your new side profit
center... Four Dave & Alexis students had immediate cash flow
surges of $75,000, $63,000, $34,000 and $15,000 last month -
the very first time they implemented this 5-step formula!

* How your new side profit center will re-ignite the passion
you once had for your business. (Remember how you felt when
you first started your business? Now you can experience that
excitement again!)

* How to uncover the six figure product that lies hidden in
your business. Yes, right now you have untapped assets you
aren't even aware of... After this call, you'll know what
those assets are and how to turn them into big profits.

* How to move beyond the income ceiling you've either
already hit or you are on your way to with your current
"dollars for time" trade-off. Even if you've moved beyond
an hourly billing model, as long as YOU are your product,
you're going to hit a ceiling on your earning capacity very

* The very best parts of sharing your information and
knowledge with others in your industry has very little to
do with the money (that’s gravy!) - the best part is the
fulfillment you experience when someone thanks you with
tears in their eyes for your helping them to do what they do

* How this side profit business will not only give you the
freedom to work less - a LOT less - but also to work from
home or from anywhere in the world - and even retire faster
than you ever dreamed possible (if you want to).

* The very first step you need to take that virtually
guarantees your success when coaching others in your
industry - almost everyone misses this step and it costs
them dearly.

* How to finally escape exhausting one-to-one selling and
move to the exhilarating experience of selling one-to-MANY
and making a major impact on thousands (or even millions) of
people's lives.

* How to turn your initial success into an ongoing, autopilot
revenue stream. (How would it change your life if you had an
additional profit center in your business that produced high
six figure profits per year - year in, year out - while
you slept?)

* How to break through into a new business model that will
take your business to the next level and finally give you
the freedom and independence you've been looking for, while
at the same time bringing back all the passion you once had
for your business.

Dave & Alexis have the step-by-step, rock-solid, PROVEN
blueprint for helping you turn your business experience
into a six or seven figure a year cash flow stream that
will enable you to go part-time or even retire from your
core business completely (if you want to) in short order.

If you're intrigued and want to discover Dave & Alexis's
"5 Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR
& Re-Ignite Your Passion While You Do It!" go get the
recording now:


Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

PS -- Hey, I know Dave & Alexis. I know they are legitimate,
honest, straight shooters and for real. They ARE the genuine
article. Their call could be a turning point in your life -
the start of real independence.

Check out what they have to say:

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