Disruptive Forces

from my friend Glenn Stewart:

As a fellow Easy Hits 4 U member I wanted to contact you and talk about an opportunity that is primed to change the entire internet. Now before you dismiss this as just another web hype pipe dream please hear me out. How would you like to make money without recruiting and without paying for anything?
In a nutshell, this company is solely dedicated to Blockchain development or bit coin crypto currency and other software development. What if I told you that they are working on new protocols for payment systems not just on the internet but everywhere. This new software is going to empower people from all over the world. You will no longer use credit cards, ATM's, or any other pay point system including banks for most people. When this goes live everyone is going to want this software. So guess what, if you are a member of this site you will be on the front of the wave and for once not the back watching the wave roll by you. In all my years looking at sites to make money on I have never seen one like this.
But you should know this...while being a free member (142,000 and growing) is good and will make good money, to really make a lot in this you need to get a co-founder position at the top of the matrix. As of Jan 1/15 they will all be gone at the latest and the matrix will be implemented which is where members start to make real money. The price right now is very cheap at $55 for a position that can pay you thousands a month. Don't wait, act now! There are only 1500 positions left out of 6715 positions total. Not only that - but you will also share in the free member pool as well.
If you are interested then please click on or paste my link in your browser and join for free to check it out for yourself. There is a lot of info there to help you. You also have my email so get back to me if you have questions.
Here is my link: https://bitbillions.com/?refid=1LTohAeUm4XtTYCFfkfeYyoy4uTdVaNd4p
PS: Remember, you can join for free but there are only a limited number of Co-founder positions available. This will be your only chance to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. When they're gone there gone and there will be no more!
forwarded by:
Glen Brink

Glen :-) myproempire.com

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